The American Flag is a Symbol of Hate With No Place In Our Vibrant Democracy. Take It Down!

By Erik Mugabe

The United States of America was founded by slave-owning white supremacists. The American flag is literally a symbol of slavery, white supremacy, and Native-American genocide. Good people do not disagree on these points. The American founders were all racist, cis-gendered, heterosexist white males. This is 2020; why are these ugly rags, we call “American flags,” still all over the place? The only good thing about the American flag is that most of them are made in China, so you can support a Communist state, at least by purchasing them!

The American flag is morally no different from that of Nazi Germany! Why is the swastika flag taboo, but the stars and stripes are not? What Nazi Germany did to Jews and people of color over 75 years ago, the US literally does to Black people, Native Americans, Mexicans, Muslims, Jews and sexual minorities every single day! Whenever you have a white face on TV, instead of a person of color, or whenever you appoint a white person to a presidential council, you are erasing people of color from history, murdering them, literally. I don’t want to see another white face on TV ever! I don’t want to see one more white Democrat run for office ever. I want to see privileged whites completely disenfranchised, forever! The time has come for people of color! Stop the racism already! It is long past due! End the hate now!

On this Fourth of July, Diversity Chronicle is asking our readers to celebrate people of color, sexual minorities, and revolutionary Marxism. We suggest that you select the flag of a sexual minority group, the Black Lives Matter Flag, and the flag of a great Marxist nation, such as China, the USSR, Cuba, Vietnam, or North Korea, and hoist all three flags together, as a symbol of justice, truth, and human rights. The three flags will stand together as a beacon of humanitarian enlightenment, wherever you live.

We all need to make a stand. The stars and stripes are outdated, a relic of a horrible past, and they have no meaning for us in 2020. We would like to encourage people to take any US flags they may have from their own racist or less enlightened past and publicly desecrate them in front of their homes. The flag should be stomped on, muddied, and literally used as a door mat. If you have a US flag, put it on the floor in front of your house, and wipe your shoes on it. We wipe our feet on American racism, we smear dirt on racist symbols, and we stomp on racist symbols. We have no tolerance for hate!

Slavery existed longer in the US than it did in the Confederacy, and several US Founding Fathers owned slaves. The American people must demand that the government tear down all US monuments, including the “White House,” which is a Southern style plantation home that originally housed white slave owners. This “Independence Day” Americans would do well to remember that they have nothing to be proud of! Instead, we should celebrate BLM, LGBTQ+, and Marxist flags as progressive symbols of a new enlightenment. Down with US of K-K-K, Long live BLM, LGBTQ+, Marxist USA!

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