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Diversity Academy Provokes Controversy by Awarding Tokens For Minority Friends To Students

By Ray Charlston Diversity And Progress Academy, a charter school in San Francisco, has been under fire for awarding Diversity Tokens. The tokens are awarded to students for having non-white or LGBT friends, or sitting with a non-white or LGBT student in the lunch room. Students can also get Diversity Tokens for dating interracially, or […]

Justin Bieber Courageously Announces He Is Gender-Flexible, Sometimes Male, Sometimes Female

By Werombi Towradji Today Justin Bieber issued a press release. After repeated episodes of disorderly conduct, drunk driving, and other incidents, Bieber has confirmed reports that he is in fact Gender-Flexible. He stated that he is done living in fear of persecution, he is proud to be Gender-Flexible and that he hopes his coming out […]