Privileged Old White Man Has A Heart-Attack At Super Market, Inconveniencing Several Female Shoppers

By Prof. Filidia Lopez
(Adjunct Professor at the Welsingham Institute for Feminist Studies in Scranton PA)

It happened at Super Groceries Organic and Vegan Market, in Tulsa Oklahoma, last Sunday. An elderly white male, one George Thompson-Ehrlichman, age 83, collapsed in the juice aisle of the grocery store. This occurred while several mothers, who have the most difficult job in the world, were shopping for juice for their infant children. Suffering a massive heart attack, the man lay on the floor for what seemed like an eternity, inconveniencing several female shoppers, who were forced to carefully maneuver their shopping carts around him. One witness shared the following account. “The man just lay down on the floor, his legs far apart, he was practically covering the entire aisle. I thought that I wouldn’t be able to get around him, only by very carefully maneuvering the cart was I able to do so. It was very traumatic for me really. I had to take the next day off from work as a mental health day.”

Of course, the usual White racists, and the manosphere, have already sprung to George’s defense. They are offering up every absurd excuse they can for him. Even some misguided, so-called progressives, have noted that perhaps George’s manspreading was involuntary, given that he had a heart attack. I don’t know about you, but I am sick and tired of people making excuses for privileged old white men! Does George have any idea the pain that he caused to several local women that day, including women of color? Of course not, and I bet he doesn’t care either!

Another eye-witness to the incident, who wishes to remain anonymous noted that “I really wanted to ram him with my cart. I would have, but people might have said something. I was fighting the urge, and it was simply overwhelming, trying not to hit him. As far as I’m concerned, it would have been self-defense, the man was just taking up so much space. Why do men have to be so big? He must have been nearly 6 feet tall, and his legs were spread apart. What was an old white man doing at the grocery store anyway? Why are manspreading men allowed in grocery stores at all?” Indeed. Why are they? This is 2019 people! He could have called and had his groceries delivered, if he knew he was in poor health, and might collapse!

Did Thompson-Ehrlickhman wake up last Sunday, and intentionally plan, with malice and forethought to inconvenience so many female shoppers? It is entirely possible, and there is no reason to doubt it! He was born in the year 1936! I’m sorry but if you are a white person who is that old, you can’t possibly NOT be RACIST and SEXIST! His age, gender, and skin color alone should disqualify him as part of the human race. He simply isn’t worthy of any concern whatsoever. Perhaps what is most appalling about this incident, is that instead of simply dragging him out of the way, and outside of the store, the store called for an ambulance. They arrived and emergency services placed him on a wheeled bed with WHITE SHEETS on it, and transported away to a hospital. White sheets are also the preferred uniform for members of certain southern hate groups, who cut eye holes into them. We might ask why white owned hospitals are still using white sheets, in 2019? Are they trying to intimidate people of color, or is this simply obscene negligence on their part? I could write an entire article on the offensive nature of white-sheets alone!

According to anonymous third-hand sources, (sources who themselves heard from an anonymous source, and are anonymously relaying their information) George was a registered Republican, and a self-described “Bible believing Christian!” Did he vote for Donald Trump? While there exists a very small “never Trump,” movement within the Republican party, the vast majority of registered Republicans did vote for Donald Trump! Knowing that George possibly voted for Trump, I asked the woman quoted earlier, if she regrets not ramming him in the face with her shopping cart after he fell to the ground. “You are darn toot’in, I do, I regret it so much!” she replied. Additionally, if George was a devout Christian, he probably opposed abortion, and homosexual marriage. These positions clearly would also disqualify him from the human race!

People would like to know what a racist old fossil like George was doing at an Organic Vegan supermarket to begin with! Apparently, no vegan meats, or vegan forms of milk were spotted in his shopping cart. The thoughtless and self-concerned white male that he was, he used a small hand carried shopping cart, causing his groceries to spill all over the floor when he dropped it! Not only did he further inconvenience shoppers by his choice of cart, but he caused several perfectly good food products to go to waste, even as our planet is in dire condition, and humanity likely has only 11 more years to live! Thoughtless, feckless, stupid, and sickly old white men like this disgust and repulse me. This incident makes me wish we lived in Stalin’s USSR and that George was a reactionary about to be purged and exiled to Siberia, to die of cold or starvation, or perhaps to collapse and die on the long trek there.

I don’t know about you, but I am getting pretty damned tired of all these rich, privileged, old white men going into our stores, in our communities, and buying food, clothing, or other necessities. It is not okay, and they are not welcome in our society! Fortunately, praise Gaia, I am not alone! A group of concerned citizens have announced they are going to picket Super Groceries Organic and Vegan Market next Saturday, and demand a formal apology for the way they handled the entire episode. An anonymous proud female community leader, we will call her Margret, noted that, “This entire event never should have been allowed to occur. When a small group of women anywhere are inconvenienced, it is a threat to women everywhere. Women everywhere need to raise their voices, they need to be heard, they need to make known that tall, man-spreading, cripped old, heterosexual, cis-gendered white men need to go away. They need to go home, sit in the corner, close their eyes, and just wait for death to come! They are not welcome in our communities, period! They did Jim Crow, they did segregation, and they elected Donald Trump! Now go die you old heartless, hateful, loveless, pasty monsters!”

Women like Margret should be applauded, praised, and lauded for daring to speak truth to power, and to condemn the anti-female aggression that is taking place every day across America, as this country descends further into sexism, irrational hatred, and intolerance. Margret has shown a courage that is both remarkable and inspiring. If you are reading this article, please consider contacting Super Groceries Organic and Vegan Market, in Tulsa Oklahoma, and asking them yourself to consider barring all white heterosexual men from their store, until such time as those men can learn to check their privilege, stop man-spreading, and end their violent assaults on women, children, and minorities. If we do not rise up, if we do not make our voices known, fascism and insanity will descend upon this country! This aggression, make no mistake, must not go unanswered. This is a civil rights issue!

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