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Catholic Monastery For “Penitent Racists” Receives Pope Francis’ Blessing

By Ray Charleston A controversial new Catholic Monastery, known as “The Convent For Racist Penitents”, located in San Francisco, California, has received a special papal blessing from Pope Francis. The monastery’s Abbots, Brothers Leo Berkowitz and Mark Smith, espouse a Catholic Liberation theology. Some racist and reactionary critics on the extreme right claim that this […]

2015 AmRen Conference: Best Ever

The following post has been reblogged from: A record turnout for an invigorating weekend. The 13th American Renaissance conference–the fourth at Montgomery Bell State Park in Tennessee–was held over a brilliant spring weekend and reflected the growing energy and momentum of our movement. There was record attendance, while the lifeless efforts of a small […]

Santa Monica City Council Votes To Secede From U.S., Declares Intention To Form Communist Republic

Santa Monica has always been an iconoclastic city, with a population that is among the most progressive in all of California. Last year, in December, the Santa Monica City Council adopted a new city seal, incorporating a hammer and sickle with the words “Workers Of The World Unite, Smash Racism and Inequality!” encircling the seal […]