Diverse Causes

Below is a list of parties, organizations, and groups working to preserve or study diversity around the world.

Please note that we do not necessarily endorse all of the views or positions expressed on these web sites.

AfriForum – South Africa

Alain de Benoist – France

Alliance For Peace & Freedom – Belgium

Alternative For Sweden – Sweden

American Renaissance – US

(AR Activist’s Corner)

Ataka Party – Bulgaria

Counter Currents Publishing And The North American New Right – US

Canadian Association For Free Expression (CAFE) – Canada

Canada First Immigration Reform Committee – Canada

Council of European Canadians – Canada

Counter Currents Publishing And The North American New Right – US

Democracia Nacional – Spain

Europa Unitas Movement – (Represents Europeans worldwide.)

Fiamma Tricolore – Italy

Forza Nuova – Italy

Forza Nuova – US

Generation Identitaire – France

Golden Dawn – Greece

Golden Dawn – US

Heritage and Destiny – United Kingdom

Imperium Europa – Malta

Issuikai – Japan

Institute for Historical Review – US

Institute for the Study of Man – US

Iran Chamber Society – Iran

Kotleba People’s Party Our Slovakia – Slovakia

Korean Spirit And Culture Promotion Project – Korea

La Falange – Spain

Mi Hazánk (Our Homeland Party) – Hungary

National Democratic Party – Germany

National Policy Institute – US

National Popular Front – Cyprus

National Renovator Party – Portugal

Slovak National Party – Slovakia

Suidlanders – South Africa

Nippon Kaigi – Japan

Orania – South Africa

Project Nova Europa – United Kingdom

The Pioneer Fund – United Kingdom

Ulster Institute For Social Research – North Ireland

Western Spring – United Kingdom

Workers Party of Social Justice – Czech Republic

Yasukuni Shrine – Japan

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