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Anthony M. Ludovici
Remembering Anthony M. Ludovici: January 8, 1882–April 3, 1971 by Greg Johnson

Camp of the Saints by Jean Raspail (1973)
Reviewed by Jared Taylor

Chinese Girl In The Ghetto By Ying Ma (2011)
Reviewed By Jewamongyou
Reviewed by Mona Charen
Reviewed By Peter Bradley (On Page 7 of American Renaissance July, 2011)

Deutschland schafft sich ab (Germany Does Away With Itself) By Thilo Sarrazin (2010)
Reviewed By Volkmar Weiss

Dysgenics By Prof. Richard Lynn (1996)
Reviewed by Richard Hoste

Face To Face With Race (2014)
Reviewed By John Engelman

Feminism and Freedom by Michael Levin (1987)
Reviewed by Jewamongyou
Reviewed by Walter Block

Friedrich Nietzsche
Remembering Friedrich Nietzsche: October 15, 1844–August 25, 1900 By Greg Johnson

Hitler as Philosophe: Remnants of the Enlightenment in National Socialism by Lawrence Birken (1995)
Reviewed by Mark Weber

Hitler: Beyond Evil and Tyranny by R. H. S. Stolfi (2011)
Reviewed by Greg Johnson

How To Win Friends And Influence People By Dale Carnegie (1936)
Reviewed by Dan Haggard
Video Review by Callibrain

IQ and the Wealth of Nations by Prof. Richard Lynn (2002)
Reviewed by Steve Sailer

I Heard It Through The Grapevine: Rumor in African-American Culture by Patricia A. Turner (1994)
Reviewed by Thomas Jackson

Jewish History, Jewish Religion: The Weight of Three Thousand Years by Israel Shahak (1997)
Reviewed By Dr. Edna Homa Hunt

Julius Evola
Remembering Julius Evola:May 19, 1898–June 11, 1974 by Greg Johnson

March Of The Titans: The Complete History Of The White Race By Arthur Kempe (2006)
Reviewed By Andrew Brons

Out of America: A Black Man Confronts Africa by Keith Richburg (1997)
Reviewed By Jewamongyou
Reviewed By Thomas Sowell

Paved with Good Intentions by Jared Taylor (1993)
Foreword To The Kindle Edition of Paved With Good Intentions
An Interview with Jared Taylor Courtesy of Allerlei

Race By John Baker (1974)
Reviewed by Jewamongyou
Review by R. Gayre of Gayre
The Reality of Race by Thomas Jackson

Race Differences in Intelligence: An Evolutionary Analysis by Prof. Richard Lynn (2006)
Reviewed by J. Philippe Rushton

Race, Evolution and Behavior By J. Philippe Rushton (2000)
Reviewed by Misc. Authors
Race, Evolution and Behavior By J. Philippe Rushton PDF
Race, Evolution and Behavior (Abridged Version) By J. Philippe Rushton PDF
Race, Evolution and Behavior (Audio MP3 Version) By J. Philippe Rushton

Racism, Guilt, Self-Hatred and Self-Deceit by Gedaliah Braun (2007)
Light on the Dark Continent by Samuel Taylor

Revilo Oliver
Remembering Revilo Oliver: July 7, 1908–August 20, 1994 By Greg Johnson

Rochefoucauld’s Maxims by Francois Duc De La Rochefoucauld (1665-1680)
Reviewed By Alain De Botton
Reviewed by enotes

Shadows of the Rising Sun: A Critical Review of the “Japanese Miracle” by Jared Taylor (1983)
Reviewed by Daniel R. Vining

Suicide Of A Superpower By Patrick J. Buchanan
Reviewed by Dwight Murphy
Reviewed By Steve Sailer

The Art of War By Sun Tzu
Video Review by Callibrain

The Culture of Critique by Prof. Kevin MacDonald (2002)
Reviewed By Stanley Hornbeck in American Renaissance

The Death of the West by Patrick J. Buchanan (2002)
Reviewed by Dwight D. Murphey

The Great Betrayal: How American Sovereignty and Social Justice Are Being Sacrificed to the Gods of the Global Economy by Patrick J. Buchanan (1998)
Reviewed by Dwight Murphy

The Holocaust Industry By Norman Finkelstein (2000)
Reviewed By Jewamongyou
The Holocaust Industry Comes to the University of Illinois by David Green

The Intelligence Paradox: Why the Intelligent Choice Isn’t Always the Smart One by Satoshi Kanazawa (2012)
Reviewed by Mangan’s

The Invented Indian: Cultural Fictions and Government Politics by James A. Clifton (1990)
Reviewed By Jared Taylor

The Lost Philosopher: The Best Of Anthony M. Ludovici by Anthony M. Ludovici, Edited By John V. Day (2003)
Reviewed by Samuel Francis

To Afghanistan and Back by Ted Rall (2003)
Reviewed by Douglas R. Cobb

Which Way Western Man by William Gayley Simpson (2nd Ed. 2003)
Reviewed By Revilo Oliver

Why America Failed by Morris Berman (2011)
Reviewed by What Has Science Done!?

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