Psychologist Claims “Racism Accusers” Are Pedophiles Seeking To Hide Their Own “Sickness”

By Ivan Fernando

A prominent white supremacist psychologist, Prof. Philippe Lynn, of Rhodesia University in Zimbabwe, has written a paper claiming that anyone who identifies another person as a racist, is a pedophile. He goes on to say that the one making the claim is trying to somehow distract others from his or her own criminal sexual proclivities. Prof. Lynn’s disgusting and deeply offensive paper has been e-mailed to university professors around the world, and is making the rounds at America’s colleges, which have always been hot-beds of radical right-wing extremist and xenophobic thought. Just 53 years ago, some US colleges remained segregated by race! Only yesterday, just 151 years ago, white Americans in the south still owned black slaves and daily tortured them for their own sadistic pleasure!

Here are some extracts from this deeply offensive so-called “psychological” report:

“The racism sniffers find racism everywhere. Even where it obviously does not exist. It is reminiscent of the Salem witch trials that the Puritans held. In fact, in at least 99% of cases I have personally examined, the person being accused of racism is not only not a racist at all, but an avowed anti-racist. Given this fact, we must assume that the person making the accusation knows perfectly well that the accused is not racist at all. The accuser is making the accusation in bad faith, in order to hide a profound and disturbing secret. The accuser is a pedophile who wants to hurt innocent children! This connection is undeniable. Correction, only pedophiles deny this connection!”

This line of reasoning makes absolutely no sense at all. In this writers opinion Prof. Lynn is certifiably insane, and he should be barred from teaching, or writing anything! Unfortunately, it only gets worse. The article goes on to claim that…

“Being a racist is now the worst thing you can be accused of, it can destroy your life, your livelihood, or your family or friendships. It may make it nearly impossible for you to get married. It has surpassed pedophilia even. In fact, society seems to be warming to pedophiles, with many leftist academics and publications like Salon writing articles portraying pedophile perverts as misunderstood or unfairly judged and hated. Most people still abhor pedophiles however, and despise them. It is for this reason that the pedophile must distract others from his pedophilia, and confuse them. He does this by falsely accusing other people of racism. That is his primary weapon, his modus operandi…”

“Have you noticed that when blacks kill each other, the “anti-racist” is silent, no problem there, but as soon as a white police officer does so, even in self defence, he is a ‘racist?’ The pedophile hates the police, because the police are tasked with tracking down and arresting pedophiles, so quite naturally he turns most of his ire toward them, falsely labelling them as racists. He wants to destroy the police so that his crimes against children can go unpunished! The data show that if anything,  police are less likely to question black suspects, even though blacks disproportionately commit more crime. Propaganda has sadly demoralized the police to a great extent, making us all less safe.”

Blacks do not commit more crime than whites period! Only racists make this claim. It is categorically false and completely untrue. In fact, blacks commit less crime than any other group! If blacks commit more crime, it is only because of white racism and oppression, directed against them on a daily basis! Whites deserve to have crimes committed against them, because of their long history of slavery and exploitation of blacks. More and more progressives are waking up to reality, and coming to this inescapable conclusion. In fact, blacks cannot commit crimes against whites. Why? Because crimes are about power, and whites have all the power! No black ever committed any crime against whites!

In a revealing statement, Prof. Lynn seems to disclose what inspired his disgusting theory. “It is popular to claim that anyone who morally opposes homosexuality is a homosexual themselves, according to unidentified ‘psychologists,’ and ‘experts.’ Obviously, this claim has no merit, for the simple fact that every major religion on earth opposes homosexuality. Every major civilization in history has likewise opposed it. Homosexuality, and pedophilia, while often claimed to be sanctioned by ancient Greece and Rome, were, on the contrary, only widely tolerated there during periods of great intellectual and moral decline.”

Of course everyone who opposes homosexuality is a homosexual themselves! This has been known for decades. Experts estimate that at least 50% of the population is homosexual. That includes many married men, and women, who claim to be happy, and outwardly appear so, but who secretly long to be with their own sex. It is vitally important that from the earliest ages, children are taught that they can choose their gender, and that they might very well be homosexual, in order to prevent homophobic violence and intolerance later on in life.

A prominent reactionary, and “Alt-Right” thinker, Vox Day (who claims to be part Native-American, in some bizarre attempt to absolve his own racist views) has picked up Prof. Lynn’s claim and recently endorsed it in an interview with Greg Johnson, a prominent white nationalist writer and racist agitator. It is clear from the interview that Johnson and Day are filled with vitriolic hatred toward anyone who isn’t white, solely because of the color of their skin! They deny human rights, and claim instead, that whites should rule the earth and enslave or exterminate everyone else. The shrill hatred and uncontrollable rage in their voices literally sent chills down my progressive spine.  I listened repulsed as they spent hours expressing the crudest racial stereotypes and vomiting the most vulgar racist insults against every imaginable ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, and the disabled.

Progressives must denounce the false claim that we are pedophiles, when we point out that racism controls every facet of our society, and that the vast majority of white people alive today are more racist than they have ever been. We cannot allow this claim to take root, because it seeks to undermine the very legitimacy of actively opposing racism, as such it is an existential threat to our very existence. It must therefore be mercilessly opposed. I propose that in retaliation, when this accusation is made, progressives should accuse their opponent of having a small penis. The accusation of having a small penis should be enough to silence anyone who would dare to accuse anti-racists of being pedophiles. Anyone who attacks the legitimacy of anti-racist work, has a small penis! Say it loudly, and say it often, it will have a chilling effect on reactionary speech.

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