Progressives Threaten Peaceful Violence In The Wake of Rising Microaggressions

by Dr. Trifecta Tyrone Washington II, D.D., Ph.D, Distinguished Civil Rights Leader

Progressives are rightly outraged at the recent spate of white-male terrorist incidents across the US. Whites are attacking innocent people of color, women, sexual minorities, and the trans community. We will no longer stand by and allow this to continue. We can, and we must, stand together now in moral outrage! More and more progressives are talking about peaceful violence.

Peaceful violence may sound like a contradiction to some, however, it makes sense when you examine it closely. According to one member of “Masked Red Anarchists Destroying Hate,” I’ll call him Michael: “Racism is violence. A racist thought is a violent one. Racists must be met not with ideas or arguments, but only with insults, fists and weapons. That is the language that they understand. The so-called violence we carry out is peaceful. Why? Because it’s directed against those whose ideas head toward violence. It isn’t violence when your victim is a racist non-person. These are Nazis!”

According to the imminent social scientist and writer, Dr. Norman Frederickson: “We must understand that a racist isn’t a human being. A racist is a monster! A racist doesn’t have any friends, family, or pets. Racists are people who live on pure hatred. They are incapable of love, or compassion. Is their blood red too, like ours? We don’t know! The Fascist police protect them, and we can’t tell. A more spiritual person might say that racists do not have souls.”

A privileged white person cannot possibly understand the struggles that people of color face daily in racist, islamophobic, and heterosexist America! People of color have had enough. The microaggressions must end now! We are developing a revolutionary consciousness. Whites are going to have to surrender control of society to us, or face the consequences, which will be serious. Consider what a person of color goes through in a single day.

A young African-American starts his day at school. What does the teacher do? She is writing things on the “black board,” using white chalk. Is this is a coincidence? The white chalk represents white supremacy. The black board (or often a dark green board), represents people of color being scribbled upon, violently torn apart, and violated by the oppressive white system.

How can anyone expect a child of color to possibly learn anything in such an environment? He is being told, literally, every day that he doesn’t count. He is told that his people should be torn up and ripped up, symbolically, by the lines of the white chalk on the black board! Even some so-called “progressive” whites are hurting and terrorizing black youths daily, while denying the significance of white chalk, and the very real pain that it causes! WTF white people? What is wrong with you? That white chalk is literally a knife shedding black children’s blood!

A student of color can’t possibly learn anything from a racist white Nazi. We also need to call out the traitors and racists in our midst. Democratic Senator Diane Feinstein (a nearly 100 year old white bitch) recently said that DACA, (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) was on “shakey legal ground.” Why is Sen. Feinstein endorsing Nazism? DACA was issued by our first African-American president in order to protect undocumented CHILDREN, from ages one to thirty five and up, taken by their parents into the US.

Some people might claim that Feinstein is not a racist. “She was merely expressing a legal opinion, and she wants some form of amnesty for all undocumented migrants,” one so-called progressive claimed. No. No. No! This woman is siding with Trump against minorities. He is a NAZI, so she is a NAZI, so shut the fuck up racist mother fuckers! Stop trying to whitesplain away racist actions!

This woman is attacking the basis for a law designed to protect and shield the most vulnerable in our society. There is a word for that, friends, no matter how much it hurts to say it, Diane Feinstein, is literally a NAZI! Didn’t she convert to Judaism, and marry a Jew? So what? The first thing a racist usually says to prove he isn’t racist is, “I have friends who are…” Diane Feinstein is a racist. She is a Nazi. Therefore she cannot be Jewish. People like her carried out the holocaust, they bought slaves, they started the Confederacy, and they massacred Native-Americans! She is no different!

Consider another way blacks are dehumanized today. A young black teen is about to have sex. He has obtained the explicit verbal and written consent of his partner. He, she, it, or them, affirmed the wish to have sexual intercourse at the time, of the variety and position agreed upon. He pulls out a condom. He puts it on. His penis is literally covered with white latex and made to look white! If that isn’t the very definition of sexual assault, I do not know what it is! His penis is covered by white material. In other words, condom manufacturers are saying, “only white penises are real penises.” Black men are somehow lesser men, in the eyes of racist condom company executives! It’s 2017, and to my knowledge not one company has thought to make brown or black skin tone condoms yet, for people of color. We even have green or purple ones, clearly this is a racist conspiracy. Imagine your own reproductive organ being changed into another color against your will. If that isn’t rape, it is certainly something pretty close to it!

Another common microaggression is what I call “white-talking.” This happens whenever a white person talks to a person of color, as if they have some knowledge or information to impart, that they otherwise couldn’t find. What could possibly be more racist or more condescending! A person of color can’t learn anything from a white person. Whites cannot understand, relate to, or empathize with people of color, and history proves that! Next time you feel like telling a person of color something that you think they can’t figure out on their own, shut the fuck up! People of color are highly intelligent, they don’t need your so-called help, you condescending white supremacist mother fucker!

Sometimes a microaggression is more subtle. Sometimes the racist thinks he’s pretty clever, and kinda takes his hate underground! Sometimes the microaggression is simply not laughing at a person of color’s jokes, or saying one dislikes a black comedian or his jokes. Sometimes the microaggression involves a kind of fake kindness. You know, when a guilty white liberal is fawning all over you with a big stupid smile, talking about how much they want to help, or they care. You really care? Give me some money bitch, or get the fuck out of my face! I don’t want your stupid smiles, I want MONEY! Pay some of my bills, buy me a house, if you want to prove you aren’t racist!

Sometimes a microaggression is sexual in nature. A person of the same sex may ask a heterosexual out on a date. The heterosexual may dismiss the idea out of hand. Why? Has he ever experimented with same-sex sexual activity? Unless he has actually engaged in gay sex, of all kinds, and with a wide variety of partners, he cannot possibly know for a fact he wouldn’t like it!

Sometimes microaggressions are ageist in nature! I remember when a friend of mine who was 17 tried to buy cigarettes and a porn magazine. He was actually carded, and told he wasn’t old enough. Why? Why should age make any difference whatsoever? Does it not strike people that to judge a person based on his age, is also a form of bigotry and discrimination? Another black friend of mine went out with a black girl who was 16. He was 30. Her parents objected, claiming it was inappropriate for him to see her. Why? The reason was solely because of age! Ageism sucks, it hurts, and it needs to stop!

Sometimes different forms of hate are intersectional. I know a black sister, in this case, who weighs over 400 pounds. Her white racist doctor tried to tell her that she was fat, he said she was “obese.” Nothing but a fancy made up white word for fat. It may well be that this doctor has a prejudice against generously sized individuals. However, can we really say that her race had nothing to do with it? Would he have dared to say that, to a rich white woman, that she was allegedly “obese?” What is fat anyway? It is nothing more than a social construct! No human being is overweight or underweight. The body shaming has to stop now! The Nazis were also body-shaming about 80 years ago, nothing has changed.

Feigned concerns about health should never be used as a shield to advance a bigoted, intolerant, and ignorant point of view! The right of the individual over his or her or its body is sacred. No person should ever be judged because of their weight, because of how many piercings they have in their face, because they might have green or blue hair, or because they haven’t changed their clothes in several weeks or months.

Sometimes a microaggression is a form of religious discrimination. In many European schools now the number of Muslim students is rising. A Muslim sits down to eat lunch, but he notices his friends may be eating pork. Why should they get to eat pork, when HIS religion forbids it? We are ALL equal. Things like pork, shell fish, and peanuts have to be banned from school lunch rooms. Why? Because many of our human brothers and sisters cannot eat them. No person should be ostracized or made to feel less-than, because he or she, or it, cannot eat the same types of foods. That goes for peanuts too, because many youths today have peanut allergies. Only a completely Vegan-Kosher-Halal menu can ensure that everyone can eat food, in a non-threatening and inclusive way.

Microaggressions are no joke, they hurt real people and the pain they cause is real. Sometimes they even make us cry. At the same time, microaggressions should make us violently angry! If this racist, sexist, white supremacist society does not immediately stop its microaggressions against blacks, Hispanics, the LGBTQ, Muslims, and other minorities, we will not be held responsible for the consequences. I believe in peace, but if you offend me by something you say, I’ll fuck you up! Racists need to go home and die, or there is going to be trouble! Peaceful violence is catching on!

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