Racist Professor Fired For Using The Offensive Word Chiggers During Entomology Class

By Werombi Towradji

Professor John Franklin, who served as the senior professor of entomology at Temple University In Sarasota, was fired recently for using the offensive word “chiggers” repeatedly in class. According to administrative officials, Prof. Franklin was asked to stop using the offensive word and to refer to the insect in question as the “C” word instead. Prof. Franklin responded that he would not do so, and that the request was “stupid.” After a long battle that lasted for several months, Temple University decided to suspend him without pay, and ultimately to terminate him.

One African-American student, who attended the racist professor’s class, observed that “Chiggers sounds too much like the N word. That is the ugliest and most offensive word in the entire English language. How could he be so insensitive? Doesn’t he understand that this country had five hundred years of slavery? He described the chiggers as an unpleasant blood sucking pest. He was looking at us right as he said it! I feel he was referring to African-American students! He was looking at all of us as he spoke! He’s a white racist cracker!”

Another student of mixed African-American and Hispanic ancestry commented that “Professor Franklin is a racist pig! He’s a racist because that word is not ok and it is never ok. Why can’t he say the ‘chi’ insects instead, or the c insects? Why does he have to say the whole word? I asked him to say something else instead, but he said he has the right to teach his class the way he feels is appropriate, and that he has freedom of speech, I don’t agree! No one has the right to say things that offend other people! His free speech ends were my feelings of offense begin!”

At least one ignorant reactionary student is supporting Prof. Franklin and circulating a petition to have him reinstated! According to the student, who wishes to remain anonymous because of alleged threats he has received, “It’s just a word! He was using the correct name for the insect he was teaching the class about. When did so many students get so thin-skinned? They can’t even hear a word that sounds like another word that offends them? How are they going to function as adults in the real word if they are so easily offended? My women’s studies class banned clapping because the sound scares some students. This generation needs to grow up. We need to stop coddling all these students who go around being offended at the drop of a pin! I’m frankly sick of people who are offended over stupid silly things and who are ruining lives over it! I hear things that offend me every day, I don’t cry about them like a petulant child!”

The African-American Students Union feels that firing Prof. Franklin was not enough, and they are picketing his home and demanding an apology. Mustafa Abdul X, president of the students union stated that “This racist professor is a disgrace to this racist white university, he must pay for his crimes. He inflicted emotional and mental trauma upon his students! Some people are minimizing this, calling it a micro-aggression! It was not a micro-aggression, it was a repeated verbal form of assault against students who couldn’t fight back because racist whites have all the power in this country! He should be arrested and charged with a hate crime! We are demanding an apology and we won’t back down until that racist white pig apologizes for his hate-speech! We want him on his knees!”

According to Franklin violent threats have been made against his wife and two year old daughter. “After several students broke into our home and destroyed property I realized it wasn’t safe for my family anymore. My wife and daughter are staying with relatives. This is insane, I didn’t do anything wrong! I’m not going to apologize. Everyone apologizes and someone has to say no, someone finally has to stand up and say no, I won’t indulge your stupidity! I won’t apologize because I’m not sorry, I’m not sorry because I did nothing wrong! I feel a certain disgust when people apologize for non-offenses. Their weakness disgusts me, and I think it also disgusts the people they are apologizing to, who invariably are never satisfied! I won’t apologize!”

When asked about the mental and emotional trauma that his words inflicted upon his young students, especially students of color, Franklin noted that “I inflicted mental trauma on them! I have people breaking into my house and people threatening the life of my wife and my two year old! I inflicted mental trauma on them? Whatever they think I did to them, it is nothing compared to what they have done to me! I also lost my job, I am unemployed now!” When asked if he would consider making an apology, or meeting with the student protestors he stated flatly “No!” Mr. Franklin’s obstinate refusal to apologize, or to attempt to understand the pain of his victims, prevents them from being able to heal. Despite calls from several public figures, including President Obama and Dr. Phil McGraw, to apologize, Franklin has given every indication that he will continue to refuse to do so.

Yes, Franklin’s career is destroyed, but that isn’t enough! He needs to be emasculated! Every shred of his remaining dignity must be destroyed. He must be forced to grovel and cower before his victims and apologize and plead for forgiveness! He must apologize like so many vile racists before him, just as Paula Deen, Mel Gibson, Michael Richards, and Don Imus did. Once he has apologized, pleaded, and grovelled, and surrendered his manhood, the world still must not forgive him! As progressives we must see to it that he remains ruined and despised forever! Our hatred must be eternal. There must be no mercy and no forgiveness for racists! Death is too good for them! They must be made to suffer year after year until they finally croak!

Remarkably, racist white and reactionary police are actually investigating threats made against Franklin and his family instead of investigating him! Local police have refused to get involved in the case against Franklin, claiming he didn’t actually “commit a crime”, despite his obscene and callous insensitivity. Surely, any words that may have been said against him, or his immediate family, which may have vaguely and unclearly hinted at violence, are understandable given the nature of his speech crime, which amounted to an act of psychological terrorism against innocent students of color. Several students reported loss of sleep, and extreme emotional distress because of his actions! Surprisingly, no students are suing Franklin for psychological distress yet!

What does it say about America, when racist white cops are killing innocent youths across the country because of the color of their skin, and a racist professor is allowed to openly and brazenly attack his own students, while trying to hide behind the cloak of “free speech?” Police are literally doing worse than nothing; they are investigating students for fighting back, alleging that they “threatened” Franklin’s life and the lives of his wife and daughter. A white supremacist pig has become the victim to hear the radical racist right and the police tell the story! No, Franklin, you aren’t a victim, you are just a bigot, and whatever “threats” were made, the authorities should understand them within the context of your crimes, and as a response in anger to them. Now, you can face the consequences of your racist behaviour you fucking white racist piece of shit!

Would I like “Professor” Franklin dead, a racist asked me? No, I would not. I want something far worse for him! I want him to go on living, and to die of ripe old age, alone, emotionally battered, and without any dignity. I want to tear his family apart, to ruin him financially, and to take away his sense of self worth! Franklin and other racists like him should be put in cages, so that people can jeer at them, curse at them, spit on them, and throw feces and urine at them every day for the rest of their lives! I want to torture him, to make him beg and plead for death, and then to laugh in his face, denying his only remaining wish! And I want to force his wife and daughter to participate in his torture, and to observe all of it! There can be no forgiveness or mercy for racist white scum!

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