Pope Francis Seems To Endorse Bernie Sanders For President, Calls Trump a “Nazi,” and Explains Isis


By Enrique Alvarez

At a press conference yesterday, Pope Francis again castigated Donald Trump for his anti-immigration views. Raising his voice and pounding his fist into the podium, Pope Francis stated that “Donald Trump is a Nazi and if some American people like him, then I’m very sorry, but they are Nazis! America was founded to be a democracy, so it belongs to the entire world, to everyone regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation. Things are changing and we live in an interconnected world now. Every person is a human being deserving of equal rights and respect.”

Responding to confirmed reports that two of Donald Trump’s children are married to Jews, and that one even converted to Orthodox Judaism, his holiness noted that. “It makes absolutely no difference that Trump has Jewish family or supports Israel. Donald Trump is a Nazi, he is a white supremacist, a white separatist. Why else would he want to build a wall between the US and Mexico? Anyone who is against immigration, including illegal immigration is a Nazi! I’m sorry but the Republican Party are the new Nazis. First they came for the Mexicans, then they came for the Muslims. Next they will come for the Jews! Americans of good conscience cannot let this happen!”

In a move that surprised some, Pope Francis seemed to endorse Bernie Sanders for president of the United States. The Pope observed that “Bernie Sanders is a Democratic Socialist, he best embodies the Christian concepts of love, generosity, kindness, tolerance, and meekness. I also recognize an affinity between his views and Marxist Socialism, which I have always had an affinity for since I was a boy in Argentina. Though Marx was an atheist, Marxist economics are essentially Christian in their simplicity; from each according to his ability, to each according to his need. Bernie Sanders is for equality and human rights, like Jesus Christ.”

As crowds erupted in roaring cheers and thunderous applause Pope Francis noted that “To take from the have’s to give to the have not’s, that is Christian. To make a profit, to become wealthy, that is contemptible! The success of Donald Trump separates him from God! His money is a wall separating him from the love of God and from loving his fellow man. His money lies to him and it deceives him, gold has blinded him. Is it fair for Donald Trump to have huge piles of money while some people don’t have any?” The Pope asked as the audience cheered “No!” Francis observed that “Atheists who love the poor, secular people who love the poor, people of any religion who love the poor are most dear to God. Satan is the god of mammon, of wealth and power.”

Explaining his support for Sanders, Pope Francis stated that “Sanders is a Jewish atheist by admission I think, but God is not found in a mere belief in a supreme deity but in doing acts of kindness and love toward other human beings whom we share this planet with. When Sanders engages in acts of charity, he is revealing his faith in God. To believe in God doesn’t mean to pound a Bible or scream about God from a pulpit, but the person who feeds the poor and clothes the naked is the one who best embodies the divine within him or her! That is the gospel of Jesus Christ!”

Condemning American racism Pope Francis stated that “Every person according to spiritual myths, meant to convey a higher truth, is born into original sin. Every white American is born into the sin of racism. As such white Americans ought to go around feeling guilty over their past. They should feel great humility and sadness for the sins of their ancestors, and for their current sins against minorities. There is a fight internally, in their own hearts, to fight their own racism. This is the struggle between choosing good or evil. They can choose between Donald Trump or Bernie Sanders. But I say, choose life! Choose good!”

As the audience cheered, Pope Francis announced that “I will not merely tell Donald Trump what to do. I must practice what I preach. The Vatican doesn’t just belong to Catholics, it belongs to the world. It belongs to Judaism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Santeria, equally. I want the Vatican to be called a house of prayer for all nations. Therefore, I announce today that we will be dismantling the walls outside of Vatican City, and inviting Muslim refugees, Jews, Hindus, Pagans and all peoples to pray with us and worship with us. Let us all worship God together and learn from each other.”

Pope Francis rightly called for banning hate-speech. “The US Constitution must be amended so that hateful and hurtful words like those uttered by Mr. Trump are not allowed. Europe is ahead of America on this. No person has the right to say hateful or racist things about undocumented migrants, Mexicans, women, or Muslims. We have a responsibility when we speak to ask ourselves first, will our words cause hurt or pain to anyone anywhere in the world? We must never use words that hurt, we must only use words that heal. Micro-aggressions, words that offend a group are very problematic. Mr. Trump’s words often bring darkness into the world rather than love or serenity.”

Pausing, as the crowds erupted in applause and chanted his name, Francis noted that “Donald Trump likes to take a tough line with Isis, with the so-called Muslim terrorists. I reject this. To refer to opponents as terrorists is to engage in otherization. To separate people with labels. Every person is good inside and wants only to express love and to be loved. If Isis is bombing or hurting people, it is because we have failed to love Isis! It is because we failed to love them that Muslims are now forced to angrily lash out! It isn’t our job to judge. It is only our job to love them. I truly want to hug Isis Muslims. I want to cradle them in my arms and say I love you and God loves you. I understand your pain Isis, don’t be afraid. I understand why you do what you do. If we want to get love, we have to be willing to give love first. You don’t defeat ‘terror’ with bombs, you defeat it with hugs!”

Donald Trump quickly took to twitter responding to the Pope’s live speech. Trump stated that “This guy is NUTS!!! He wants to cradle Isis terrorists in his arms??? All they need is love? WTF??? This guy should resign! It is a disgrace that this LUNATIC is allowed to lead the Catholic Church! I have been COMPLETELY vindicated in my positions and in our disagreements. This man is clearly certifiably INSANE!!! Cradle Isis in your arms??? I hope you don’t try it Francis, if you practice what you preach you might not be alive much longer!!!

As Pope Francis continued speaking, an aid interrupted his speech to inform him that Donald Trump’s latest twitter post seemed to be of a threatening nature and may constitute a threat on his life. Responding to the post Francis stated that “If Donald Trump wants to threaten my life, he is welcome to do so. I am not afraid of the Devil. Donald Trump is not the devil, to set the record straight. Donald Trump just works for him.” Critics on the extreme and radical right are denying that Donald Trump ever threatened Francis’ life, trying to claim instead that Trump was referring to Isis.

As cheering crowds erupted in laughter Pope Francis urged Americans to “learn to love Isis. Terrorism does not exist in a vacum. The need to be loved is a basic human need. When people are denied that need, they lash out and hurt people. For too long America has failed to love Muslims. I want everyone here to go to a local mosque and hug the nearest Muslim! Say I love you. Donate to local mosques and support your local Muslim community. This is how we stop terrorism. We don’t stop terrorism by killing people who want to kill us. We stop terrorism by loving them, so that anger is turned to love. So that hearts are healed and lives are transformed!”

Responding to Trump’s ugly comment about “Mexican rapists” Pope Francis stated “Are Mexicans hurting people? No of course not. But if they were, it is because you failed to love them! You failed to provide for their food, for their health care, and for their employment. When a life is tormented, when a person feels empty, and afraid, when a person is unable to meet his most basic needs he lashes out. The so-called criminal is a person who deep down is in pain. There may be Mexican so-called ‘illegal’ immigrants who may be contemplating rape, or theft or murder. What is the answer? I say invite them into your homes. Love them! Feed them, clothe them. Give them jobs. If you do this, it will do a lot more to stop rape. When rapists are arrested they just get released in a year or two and do it again. No. Police and jail are not the answer. The answer is love!”

Pope Francis next turned his attention to the Black Lives Matter movement. “Black lives Matter! Mexican lives matter! LGBT lives matter! Women’s lives matter! America must end her pharisaic love affair with law and order, and punishment. What is the point of “punishing” anyone? They just put the so-called rapist, murderer, or thief in jail and he gets out, and he does it all over again, over and over. Jail doesn’t work. We need to stop putting youth of color in jail and we need to start loving them. Hug them, help them, and love them! Build schools, build hospitals, build bridges of love, and understanding. Do not build prisons! Do not arm the police! No person has the right to judge or punish another! God says thou shalt not judge! The answer is love!”

The audience rose to give Francis a standing ovation, as they shouted in unison. “The answer is love! The answer is love!” This writer has never seen a pope like this before. We can only pray that the Pope’s message of love, tolerance and peace will not fall on deaf ears. Yes, Pope Francis is right. Love is the answer. Love, tolerance and compassion are the only things that can save the world that we all share. Americans need to stop scapegoating Muslims, Mexicans and the LGBT community for imaginary problems like rising crime rates, job loss, terrorism, or the “erosion” of the family. We need to focus on the real threats we all face like climate change, Islamophobia, and growing intolerance and micro-aggressions around the world.

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