Republican Presidential Candidates Agree To Endorse Hillary If Donald Trump Wins Nomination

By Werombi Towradji

With reports indicating that Donald Trump continues to enjoy a lead in several polls, the majority of his fellow Republican presidential candidates jointly announced today that they would endorse Hillary Clinton for President if Trump wins the nomination. The spokesman for the group of candidates, Jeb Bush, noted that “Trump represents racism, xenophobia, and protectionist opposition to free trade. His views are ugly and racist, and they are bad for big business. Immigrants enrich our country, and Americans who can’t understand that should leave. We are a nation of immigrants, and soon America will be a majority Mexican nation. This diversity enriches us and makes us stronger and more vibrant! Donald Trump should leave America, and he can take that racist blonde toothpick Ann Coulter with him! Get the hell out!”

When asked how the group could possibly vote for Hillary Clinton over a fellow Republican, Bush noted that “Hillary Clinton is not a radical. She’s a neo-liberal. Neo-liberalism and neo-conservatism are almost the same thing! We are all moderates. We agree on trade. We agree on opposing tariffs, we agree on helping US businesses to utilize cheaper foreign labor. We both support Israel, and we believe that America has a special duty to spread democracy around the world. The social issues are dead, Republican leaders wish they would just go away. A vote for Hillary against Trump is a vote for reason and moderation against racism and radicalism! The fact that we may have a woman president shows that America is overcoming its long battle with chauvinist inequality. Women represent more than half of American voters! Many people believe we have a duty to support the first woman president, regardless of her party affiliation.”

In the midst of boos and hollers from several disgruntled conservatives, Bush went on to observe that “If Trump wins, it represents a victory for racist white reactionaries. These ignorant inbred hicks, who falsely style themselves ‘real Americans’ are relics from the past. Diversity is our greatest strength. We would rather lose than win with the support of white racists. While it’s true that Trump’s daughter converted to Judaism, and he has Jewish grandsons, Trump’s disgusting nostalgia for an America that was substantially whiter is unacceptable. While it is true that his foreign policy is not radically different from ours, he wants to bring back the old America that refused to let its businesses move overseas, creating jobs abroad. The America that turned away undocumented immigrants, who came here with love in their hearts for America, only wanting to make our country even better! He doesn’t belong in our party! My wife is Mexican, and I am proud that my children are not white.”

Experts and political commentators on the Left and the Right agree on Trump. When both sides reach across the aisle to jointly condemn a presidential candidate, Americans need to listen! This new unprecedented level of cooperation among establishment elites from both sides, indicates just how disturbing Trump’s candidacy really is.

We cannot afford to go from a progressive African-American President, to a racist white one. We have had our first black president, and now, reasonable and moderate people from the Left and the Right agree, it is time for a woman president. Hillary now has a moral duty to select a Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual or Transgendered running mate, in order to complete the process of ending all barriers to the highest office in the land! If she can do that, we’ll make a great new America, like we’ve never seen before.

According to Dr. Norman Frederickson of the Campaign for Justice, Equality, and Peace, what is especially disturbing about Trump is that “Americans right now aren’t deferring to the establishment. Donald Trump’s radical views against undocumented migrants, and his desire to deprive poor Chinese laborers of their jobs at US factories aboard, in order to create more jobs for Americans, is just insane. Trump made a big fuss about an undocumented migrant, who raped a woman and hid in San Francisco, which has a sanctuary policy for migrants. To use terms like “illegal” immigrant with reference to human beings is undeniably racist! To claim that even one “illegal” coming here and raping a woman is too many, is racist! Americans need to accept and tolerate a certain amount of crime as part of the price for being enriched with the positive diversity that immigration represents. We are all Americans whether we are here legally or not! I’m gratified that Republican leaders see that, and are attacking their own racist support base.”

Yesterday, according to an anonymous Republican Party official, it was revealed that Karl Rove has developed a plan to rig the Republican primary election and deny Donald Trump the nomination, even if he achieves an overwhelming plurality of votes. According to a leaked memo Rove wrote “I say try to buy him off. Pay him to shut up. Unfortunately he’s rich, it probably won’t work. If we can’t buy him, we’ll have to shut him out of the process. Elections are too important to be decided by voters. That’s where we come in. We won’t let him get the nomination, we’ll use every trick we’ve got! He might even have to have an accident, if all else fails.”

Unfortunately, now that the aforementioned plan has come to light, it will be much more difficult to ensure that Trump does not receive the nomination. Republican leaders need to be ready to pay off judges, and call in favors, or even to engage in jury or witness tampering in order to ensure that a radical racist like Donald Trump is never allowed to be President. Donald Trump needs to be made to understand that no matter how much money he has, if he doesn’t play ball with the political establishment in this country, that establishment will deal with him, using any means necessary to neutralize the threat that he represents.

Let us be thankful that moderation has triumphed among Republican candidates and leaders. It is immensely satisfying to see Republican candidates and leaders daily attacking and rebuking Donald Trump for his outrageous racist, reactionary, and radical comments. There is now an awareness among the Republican establishment, that Hillary, despite past disputes and squabbles, should be the next President of the United States.

If Trump wins, undocumented migrants will be deprived of their equal rights as Americans. Trump must never be allowed to be elected president, no matter what. In the future, as former California governor Grey Davis noted, people will think of America and Mexico as part of one magnificent region. America’s destiny is closely tied with Mexico, and it is our great destiny to one day become a Latin-American nation, like Mexico.

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