“Mix It Up Prom” Acclaimed As Huge Success

By Julia Stanton

At Progressive Valley Elementary School in Montgomery Washington, the summer school held its first “Mix It Up Prom.” Traditionally summer schools have not had proms, however progressive educators and activists decided to organize an especially meaningful one. What made this prom unique is that it encouraged students to look outside of their narrow racial or sexual orientation box and to take a step into a much larger and more diverse world.

The “Mix it up Prom” encouraged white girls to go with African-American boys, and white boys to go with other boys. For many young men, it provided their first opportunity to begin to experiment with same-sex dating. For many young ladies, the event served to help them begin several especially meaningful relationships with young men of another race. This type of dating is absolutely necessary if we are to move forward into the next century, and if the United States is to become a full participant in the global community.

Diverse relationships, whether they cross racial lines or sexual orientation lines are key to combating stereotypes, prejudice, and racial or sexual hatred. For that reason, some progressives have suggested mandating interracial marriage by law, in order to ensure that within just a few generations all Americans are of the same race, and the problem of racial prejudice is destroyed forever. Moderate progressives have suggested that whites simply should not have children at all, in order to help end racism, and should adopt babies from Africa instead. I believe that both approaches pair together nicely, and when both are embraced, the white race, without which there can be no racism, will be destroyed faster!

As one progressive professor noted, the goal of destroying the white race is simply so positive, it is hard to imagine how anyone could possibly be opposed to it. There are many different tools that progressives can and should embrace to help undermine and ultimately destroy the white race. I believe we need to begin by attacking the white family itself. The family is the most basic unit of white society. As racists point out, it is actually true that white birth rates are below replacement levels internationally, however this should be viewed as a positive achievement, and not at all as a negative one!

In order to undermine the white family, we need to constantly bombard whites with reminders about over-population. Because India and Africa are over-populated, whites in America and Europe need to refrain from having children. Whites also need to adopt non-white babies. Several progressive celebrities have already led the way in this regard by adopting African babies and embracing diversity. This is a very important development.

As progressives, we need to do more to promote feminism and to promote the acceptance of the LGBT. If white females recognize that every act of sexual intercourse with a white male is rape, it will also go a long way toward solving the problem. White females need to realize that because white males have all the power in our society, even if they say they consent, they can’t consent. At the same time we need to encourage experimentation with homosexuality. It is not possible to know whether or not you are gay unless you experiment. Even if you aren’t gay, by experimenting with and embracing a gay or bisexual lifestyle you can help to stop sexual bigotry.

Abortion must be encouraged to help to destroy the white family. If a young white girl gets knocked up by her white boyfriend, she needs to have an abortion. Getting married and raising the baby is so 1950’s, it just isn’t an option. If she doesn’t want to abort, there is something wrong with her. She needs to be shamed and made to feel that abortion is her only choice. Fortunately most pro-choicers understand that choice is merely an effective euphemism for abortion, and that choosing to give birth is the wrong choice. When a woman exercises her right to choose and aborts her white baby, abortion become a holy sacrament to the cause of diversity.

Young whites should always be encouraged to go to college. Getting married and having a family can’t always be prevented. Some people will do it, but sending whites off to college can at least buy us some time and help to delay it. The atmosphere at most colleges is also very conducive to casual sex. If we can get young adults to see sex as purely a form of recreation with no emotional or reproductive dimensions we have won a great victory! At the same time, many people of color can’t afford college. Therefore college attendance will largely effects the white family by delaying childbirth.

Fortunately pornography is booming today. If whites are at home enjoying porn, instead of getting married and having sex, that also helps to lower the white birth rate. Fortunately, many pornographic films also feature interracial sex, which helps to normalize the practice to whites. Porn also can introduce people to new sexual acts or practices other than vaginal intercourse, in order to help combat white births. Porn simply cannot be encouraged enough today. Fortunately too, mainstream movies and television programs now positively reference porn. The stigma that used to accompany watching it has almost entirely vanished. Among young people today in the US and much of Europe, there is no stigma to it whatsoever.

This next proposal may sound harsh but I believe it is useful. Whites need to be made to feel less attractive than blacks. Fortunately our culture’s standards of beauty are changing. A large Kim Kardashian rear end is now widely seen as attractive. Stringy Caucasian hair, and a small bottom are so yesterday! While making whites feel less attractive may lead some young women to feel depressed, we must bear in mind that race trumps gender! Some depressed neurotic white girls are a small price to pay for encouraging whites to reproduce outside their race.

Casual sex, making sex purely about fun can help us destroy the white family! This last point may seem counter-intuitive. If white people are having sex, doesn’t that mean reproduction is more likely? Actually no, not if its casual sex seen purely for one’s amusement. We need to entirely divorce the act of having sex with reproduction in the minds of white people. This is being accomplished! Fortunately as well, oral sex, and even anal sex are becoming increasingly popular. These are types of sex that cannot result in child birth!

We can, and we should, continue promoting condoms and birth control pills. Condoms can have a failure rate as high as 20%, but fortunately most young white women today see abortion as the natural option if a pregnancy occurs. Birth control pills actually help to change the chemical balance in the brains of women making them more attracted to different men. They can also have some unpleasant side effects at the same time, however it is largely white women who use them consistently. Our barometer for right and wrong must be based on how the issue adversely effects white population growth while advancing interracial sex.

We need to get the message out that white babies are not cute, or at least not as cute as black ones. The simple fact of the matter is that black and brown babies are the cutest ones. Many white babies are born with pink or reddish skin. Some are born with no hair! African babies are cute, popular actresses are being photographed and filmed with their black babies. African Americans are creative, vibrant, strong, cool and attractive. White people are not cool, white people are boring and ordinary! This is the message we need to hammer through to our young people!

The abolition of the white family will pave the way for a better, more beautiful, more creative, world completely void of racism! If more schools adopt “Mix it up” prom events, it will help to make a difference! How many young white women today are with African-American men because they grew up watching black boys dancing with little white girls on the Disney channel?

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