Snap Elections In Sweden Bring Islamic Jihad Party Government To Power


By Ray Charleston

Last week the world saw an exciting new development as Sweden was declared an Islamic nation under Sharia law. For those who may have missed the news, over the last several years more and more Muslim refugees have been peacefully migrating to Sweden in search of a better life. Last month Islamic Jihad Party leaders demanded snap elections, after polling indicated that a majority of Swedish Muslims favoured a new government based on Islamic law, and disapproved of Sweden’s former secular, and largely white government.

Islamophobic extremists and conservative reactionaries are predictably throwing an intolerant tantrum. They ask how Sweden can become an Islamic nation. Well, the answer is simple; most Swedes want Sweden to be Islamic. The decision was made democratically! The majority of Swedes are Muslims! The majority of Swedes are from the Middle East, and they want a government that represents them! If you believe in democracy and European values, you must accept that Sweden should be an Islamic state! Sweden isn’t a white nation anymore!

The fact that a majority of indigenous Swedes voted against the Islamic Jihad Party, and instead for the Sweden Democrats, a racist anti-immigrant party, is of no consequence. These bigoted white supremacists need to accept the fact that Europe can no longer be a homogeneous continent of whites. Europe is going into multi-cultural mode, and without this transformation, Europe cannot survive!

Bigots are using the fact that the Islamic Jihad party’s secretary is a distant in-law to a prominent Taliban figure, in order to try and smear the party as somehow radical or extremist. There is nothing radical or extremist about sharia law. Christians in Sweden complain about having to pay a special tax to the Islamic government, yet these people could simply convert to Islam and avoid the tax entirely! They have no real basis for claiming discrimination of any kind. Some right-wingers are even circulating the bogus rumour that Jews, Buddhists, Bahá’ís, and Hindus in Sweden have been murdered outright. The new government is certainly working through some bureaucratic kinks, but these claims are a total exaggeration! The government explains that some religious minorities have been taken into custody “in order to protect them.”

Progressives around the world are delighted to finally see a Swedish government that represents the people of Sweden. Sweden’s white neighbour, Finland, has already closed its borders with Sweden, and outlawed its own minor Islamic political parties, in a shocking move to stifle democracy! Several mosques have also be closed down because some of the imams and mosque directors supported “terrorism.” The Finnish government claims that advocating the violent overthrow of their white racist government is somehow criminal! Now that parties advocating sharia law have been banned, just what are Muslims in Finland supposed to do?

Armed thugs are also increasingly patrolling the streets of Finland, looking for innocent Muslims, or anyone with dark skin to beat up. These hooligans falsely claim that they are looking for criminals, and trying to protect women from harassment and rape. These racists falsely claim that somehow non-white immigrants commit rape at disproportionately higher rates! The world should not stand by while Finland persecutes its Muslim minority. Sweden is asking NATO to consider direct military action against Finland.

In a move that has received a lot of criticism, the newly enthroned Islamic Emir of Sweden is asking that the Swedish royal family release to him “All of their blonde Swedish virgin girls,” claiming that they belong to him “By right of Islamic law and by right of conquest.” In light of Sweden’s long history of discrimination and oppression of migrant peoples, the Emir’s demands seem fairly reasonable. If white Swedes and Christians will intermarry with Arab and Muslim Swedes, soon they can all become one people, and then race won’t matter anymore! No one will know what race anyone is! If everyone is the same race, logically there can be no more racism!

Swedish nationalists and racists complain that the new Swedish national flag excludes them. The new flag features two crossing AK 47 assault rifles with the Shahada above them, in green and gold. A small globe appears below the symbols. Some claim this refers to a desire to conquer the world for Islam, but according to party leaders it represents “The whole world living in peace together as brothers and sisters.” It is amazing how racists will try to deliberately misrepresent something so beautiful and enlightened!

According to Sweden’s General Khalid Ararat, “As Sweden is no longer a Christian nation, the former cross design flag made little sense. Perhaps if these racists and bigots would make some effort to assimilate into Sweden’s Islamic society they would find life easier. Some Swedish women defiantly refuse to wear hijab, which of course forces us to beat them. Then we are somehow portrayed as the bad guys. The media is really distorting the facts! If Swedes would only submit to Islamic law, we wouldn’t have to use these coercive measures.”

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has welcomed Sweden’s new Islamic government, declaring that “Centuries of Swedish racism are now being overcome as Sweden truly embraces diversity. Sweden’s new government will serve as a beacon of light, in a dark, boring, and drab white Europe. We must embrace our Muslim and Arab neighbours with open hearts. Perhaps someday soon, if Germans are fortunate, we can become a minority people in our own country. This will help to erase the ugly blight of Germany’s racist and anti-Semitic past.”

This much is clear. If white Swedes continue to defiantly cling to the past, Sweden is going to be left behind. We live in an increasingly interconnected world. Europe is changing and progressives embrace this change with open arms. We enjoy the many exciting new restaurants and hookah lounges opening up in Europe. Yet, sadly, some stubborn racists insist on clinging to the past. If whites are not willing to embrace change, it may be necessary for Muslims to mandate conversion by law, and to mandate intermarriage between whites and Muslims. White bigots, you brought this all on yourselves!

White people have created a racist, sexist, homophobic, and anti-Semitic Europe. History has shown that white people don’t deserve to have homelands of their own. White people enslaved Africans, murdered six million Jews, and they have stolen land from the native-Americans and murdered them. They kept women chained up as kitchen slaves, and then when they finally let them work they paid them less than men, for the same work! They kept homosexuals in the closet for hundreds of years and denied them the right to marry! It is certain that an Islamic Europe will be a better, more tolerant, more humane one. After all, Islam means peace.

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