Hillary Clinton Disses Black Lives Are Important, Refusing To Perform Sex Acts On African-Americans!

By Enrique Alvarez

Yesterday Hillary Clinton revealed her true color (White) once again. During a speech on sex inequalities in hiring, several activists from Black Lives Are Important climbed onto the stage. For readers who may not be aware, Black Lives Are Important, or BLAI, are a group of African-Americans that have formed a more assertive alternative to Black Lives Matter. Black Lives Are Important advocates for the complete disarmament of all white law-enforcement officers, in order to prevent further interracial violence. The activist group, controversially, also claims that black men are entitled to sex on demand from white females because of slavery.

When BLAI activists climbed onto the stage and took the microphone from Hillary, she started out behaving properly. She bowed her head, and stepped back, just like Bernie Sanders. Sounds like that white bitch knows her place? Unfortunately, she then revealed her racism! The Black activists pointed out that Bill “tricked” on her, so she is entitled to have sex with other men. The activists pulled out their male organs and asked Hillary to “Suck our mutha fuck’in black dicks, and prove you ain’t no racist white bitch!”

An angry, privileged and entitled white Hillary screamed in response “Security! Security! I’m not doing any such thing! You have no right to ask that of me! I empathize with the struggles and inequalities faced by people of color in our country, however.” As Hillary spoke a BLAI activist interrupted screaming “Shut the fuck up privileged white bitch! Suck my mutha fuck’in dick, suck muh dick white bitch! Or you is a racist white cracka, and you should get the the fuck outa da race!” Several African Americans in the audience began screaming “Suck their dicks, suck their dicks, prove you ain’t racist!”

What happened next was truly unfortunate. One of the BLAI activists pulled out a gun, and again reiterated the groups demands, adding “snitches get stitches.” Just then, the secret service shot him dead, while several other activists were tackled to the ground, and beaten senselessly! And all because of the color of their skin! A stunned Hillary ran into a back room, before emerging minutes later more composed. Hillary began to speak saying “I understand the injustices and inequalities faced by people of color in our nation’s history and today. Black youth are being murdered daily because of their color. I condemn the excessive use of force, just now, by the secret service.”

As Hillary spoke several African-Americans in the audience shouted “White racist bitch, murderer!” Another activist pointed out that Hillary has a long history of racism. He began to play a loud tape recording of Hillary speaking in the 1990’s and condemning black youths as super-predators. “May I speak, please?” Hillary interjected after the tape played, but the audience answered “Shut the fuck up white bitch!” Another African-American activist began chanting “Sanders! Sanders! Sanders!” As loud chants began to drown out Hillary’s words, which became inaudible.

At this point, racist white police officers arrived in droves and began senselessly beating youths of color in the audience. It became clear to all real progressives that Hillary had planned this sequence of events out from the start. Hillary has a deep and unfathomable hatred of people of color, based solely on the color of their skin. She wanted a holocaust against African-Americans to take place for her own perverse entertainment.

What is even more troubling than this incident of police brutality against youths of color, is that several feminists are siding with the racist instigator Hillary Rodham Clinton! Feminist icon Gloria Steinem has refused to recant her racist and privileged white endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Progressives were stunned and sickened when she insulted the intelligence and individuality of young women, as she suggested that they preferred Sanders to Hillary because the “boys” did.

Former Secretary of State Madelyn Albright also betrayed people of color when she stated that there was a special place in hell for women who would not support (read vote) for other women. Unfortunately, African-Americans and Latino-Americans have come to understand that most white feminists are just privileged and racist white women. They place more value on whether or not a candidate has a vagina, than if that candidate is non-white! Let’s get this straight. The hierarchy of victimhood goes like this: Black, Latino, LGBT, Woman, not the other way around, you ignorant racists! White women are not equal with African-Americans!

Speaking in an interview later that evening Hillary stated “I may not be the right color, but I am the right gender. One out of two isn’t bad.” The privileged white racist even laughed after she made her offensive remark. Voters need to understand that Bernie Sanders is not white. Bernie Sanders is a Jewish-American. He condemns white privilege and has no shared heritage with racists like Hillary Clinton. Sanders is clearly the only sane choice for real progressives in this next presidential election. Progressives have urged the Communist Party USA to retract its endorsement of Hillary Clinton for President. Hillary, unlike Sanders, doesn’t even have the courage to say that she is a socialist!

In an event that may spell more trouble for Hillary, a congressional investigation against her deleted e-mails has been opened. An anonymous source has told Diversity Chronicle that Hillary Clinton is facing a sealed federal indictment for structuring. Accusations of Anti-Semitism have also been leveled again, against Hillary. Several advisors close to Hillary are urging her to come out as a lesbian in order to regain her political momentum, and to excite American youths and LGBT voters.

Reports have also emerged that Hillary consulted a voodoo priestess in an attempt to sabotage her main rival, Bernie Sanders. Hillary is alleged to have said “How dare he challenge me and threaten to take away everything I’ve earned and worked so hard for, for so many years! This should be a god damned coronation. I shouldn’t have to explain myself!” As progressives we can only hope that the racist campaign of Hillary Clinton goes down in flames. Please vote for Sanders if you a person of conscience who cares about people of color.

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