North Korea Executes Prominent General For Racist Comments

Kim il-Sung

By Ray Charlston

A shocking racist incident took place in Pyongyang, North Korea, Tuesday of last week. Basketball player Dennis Rodman returned to the DPRK, at the special invitation of General Kim Jong-un, who himself is an avid and long time basketball fan. Rodman had been invited to attend a state parade in honor of North Korean basketball players. This extravagant eight-hour long parade, featured what is believed to be the largest inflatable basketball ever created. According to some South-Korean analysts, attendance at the parade, as well as flag waving, was reported to be compulsory for all Pyongyang residents.

Jung Go-Wong, a prominent middle-aged general in the Korean People’s Army, was to introduce Rodman who was invited to say a few words before the beginning of the event. Not realizing that his microphone was turned on already, the general turned to his wife and stated that “Korean people are uniquely virtuous, owing to the purity of our blood since ancient times. Rodman is nothing but a dumb ugly ape! I don’t know why Kim Jong-un would invite this beast to visit again. I am so tired of him and his stupid monkey antics, he belongs in a zoo! Last time Rodman was this drunk he was defecating in the hotel hallway!”

The aghast audience, including the Korean public as well as top North Korean officials reportedly looked on in horror as they were subjected to outrageous racist hate speech. Technicians struggled to find a way to cut the microphone, as the ghastly and obscene verbal offense continued. General Jung Go-Wong went on to say to his wife “Did you see the way he looked at our daughter? I would rather smother her to death myself than ever allow her to be ravished by a filthy black demon like Rodman. Do not let them be alone together, not even for an instant!”

In an unprecedented move, the Supreme Leader Marshall Kim Jong-un took to the microphone to denounce the general’s offensive remarks and to condemn them. “These comments in no way represent my views, or the views of the Korean government and people. This racism has its origin in the capitalist, imperialist and racist west. I vow to root out and smash racist hate forever, wherever it is found. Sadly, this is not even Go-Wong’s first offense. I observed that he clapped only lightly during Mr. Rodman’s last visit here. Racist comments are counter-revolutionary, bourgeois, and they hurt the feelings of other human beings! They are not acceptable in this country, unlike in the US. The state has decreed that racial differences do not exist! I would like to invite you, Mr. Rodman, and your entourage to breakfast tomorrow morning, as we witness the execution of General Jung Go-Wong for his grievous crimes of speech.”

As citizens looked on and listened attentively, the Great Young General went on to describe in some detail the method of punishment he had in mind for Jung Go-Wong. “First he will be tied to a wood board, and paddled mercilessly for 30 minutes. After the beating, we will visit a local aquarium and he will be devoured by large sharks. His wife and daughter will be forced to watch everything. If they display any hint of sympathy for him, revealing their disloyalty, they too will join in his fate. I order that one cup of barley tea will be offered to all spectators who witness this glorious execution. I will smash racism forever in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea!”

Some conservatives and reactionaries, while allegedly claiming to oppose racism, have denounced the execution as an excessive move, or even an act of “murder.” Progressives around the world however are delighted by Kim Jong-un’s decision to publicly execute racists, no matter how prominent their position in government may be. Racism continues to plague white nations worldwide. Isn’t it about time we considered stepping up our measures against it? Isn’t it time that we considered public executions for those who make hurtful and offensive racist comments? In the opinion of this writer, it is long overdue! In a progressive society, it is understood that one’s freedom of speech ends where the hurt feelings of another may begin.

No matter what problems North Korea may have, it has taken an important step toward becoming a truly humanitarian nation. Korean-Americans should rightly feel proud, knowing that half of Korea, has officially banned racism. Let us hope that South Korea, and the United States, are not afraid to follow the example of a man who perhaps was once a foe, but who now has revealed himself to be a leader of impeccable moral character, courage, and conscience! Long live the great General Kim Jong-un!

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