Feminists Bemoan Lack Of Real Men, And Ask Themselves, Where Have All The Men Gone?

Janelle Christianson

By Julia Stanton

Men today don’t know how to act around women. They don’t have any confidence around women. What’s wrong with men today? Increasingly progressive women are asking themselves this question. What happened to men, and why are they all so screwed up? Where have all the real men gone? How do women fix men?

I find myself having to constantly criticize every word that men say. If I go out on a date with a man, and he says something that I don’t like, I get up and leave! No woman should remain silent when a man expresses a point of view that is offensive. No woman should tolerate even a single word from a man that she finds offensive or merely dislikes. Why can’t I find a man who can anticipate my emotions? I shouldn’t be required to express them verbally!

Many women who are approaching their mid 40s or early 50s, and have pursued a career their entire lives, are now ready to settle down and have a family. Unfortunately, many of these women can’t find men who want to settle down. Many women who are single today, are previously married, and find that men don’t want to step up and take responsibility for someone else’s child. They find that men are reluctant to make commitments to women who decided to end their first marriages and many prior relationships.

Why are so many men today seemingly afraid or even uninterested in talking to women? It simply remains a mystery. Increasing numbers of heterosexual young men today, have no interest in dating, or in marriage. Unfortunately, regressive and reactionary forces are offering up their own false and dishonest theories in order to explain it. These hateful and chauvinistic theories only serve to further divide and polarize the sexes.

Some people are calling it the “sexodus.” According to Dr. Henrik Jung “Increasingly, young men today are tired of pursuing women who are fundamentally anti-male. They are tired of women who have no tolerance for even a mere word or point of view that they dislike. They want to be free to express their opinions. They want to be treated with respect, and not treated like slaves. They want to know that if they do get married, that their wife will not simply throw away the relationship when the mood strikes her. They don’t want be betrayed by someone who once claimed to love them. Nor do they want to get stuck paying alimony to a woman who now bitterly hates them. They don’t want their children to be taken from them, and raised by their ex and another man, or even a series of other men. Consider that if a woman wants to kill her husband’s unborn child, legally he has no recourse. These are all legitimate concerns.”

Why should men expect tolerance for points of view or ideas that are intolerable? Recent polls show that a majority of white men now embrace reactionary views. Only a minority of white males even voted for Obama, indicating that as a group they have deep-seated racist views! Yet, they would ask that we respect their views and opinions? WTF!? Men want to be treated with respect? Maybe if men were even half as intelligent as women are, I might consider it for a fraction of a second. As TV sitcoms astutely illustrate, men are stupid, uninformed, and often aloof. As so many movies aptly illustrate, even eight year old little girls often know more than their adult fathers do! How can anyone respect men as a group?

Men don’t want to be get married and be “betrayed” by their wife? Women have a right to control their own bodies. Women should have sex with whoever they want, whenever they want. If a woman is married, and meets another man, and decides to sleep with him, it’s her husband’s fault. Men don’t want to be stuck with alimony payments? Women make less money on average than men do. Men should be forced to pay a lot more than alimony! Men ought to have a special tax levied against them to make up for centuries of discrimination against women! Men should pay us reparations, we are entitled to it!

Consider that for most of history, a woman’s most sacred and fundamental right, her right to choose was denied her by men! Even today, powerful and cunning men conspire to deny women their rights, hoping to force them to care for parasitic offspring against their will. Even in many countries where abortion is ostensibly legal, some restrictions nonetheless exist. In some countries a woman can’t even have an abortion while she is giving birth. What if she wants to exercise her right to choose five seconds before the thing pops out? Sorry, it is too late, these patriarchal sexist governments say! In reality, they really just hate women!

If a fetus is accidentally born during an abortion, in most countries, it is illegal to kill the parasitic thing! Women around the world are denied their right to choose, because governments – run mostly by men – deny them the right to abort during birth or immediately after. It cannot be denied, and science holds that when an umbilical cord is still attached to a “child” it remains a mere appendage of a woman’s body, it is not a life, and certainly not a human being. How can it be? It is connected to the woman’s body! A fetus does not become a person until its mother takes it home from the hospital and recognizes it as one! Thoughtful progressive thinkers have known this for decades!

Dr. Henrik Jung is nothing but a reactionary, woman-hating, old white male bastard! His writings and views fail to shed any light on the dynamics of relationships today. Men ought to be begging women to forgive them for being born into an inferior gender. Men have no right to ask for respect, fidelity, or anything else from women! If a man can’t handle a strong, empowered, independent and feisty woman, it is because there is something wrong with him! Women are just fine, it is men today who need to change, and they need to change in every way!

Dr. Henrik Jung’s writings are becoming increasingly popular with men who like to blame women and attack them. According to him “Women today want to have it both ways. They want men to defer to them. They want to control their husbands. They want to demean them and talk down to them. However, they also want men to be men, to be strong and assertive, selectively, when it suits them. In short, women don’t know what they want. It gets tiresome very quickly. For men to try to subordinate themselves to women is bad enough, but for them to read their minds too, is impossible. Reasonable men frequently conclude, the hell with all this. They cannot live an emotionally healthy life in an abusive relationship.”

The idea that women are somehow conflicted in what they want, or that they themselves don’t know what they want, is an old sexist canard. We want strong manly men, men who act like real men, who aren’t afraid to talk to us. However, men who are also sensitive, attentive to our needs, respect our independence, let us make our own choices, and who don’t say or do stupid little things that offend us and force us to banish them forever from our lives! Men should be strong and masculine, but they should know their place! Why is that so Gaia damned hard for men to understand?

The male chauvinist pig goes on to note that “Increasingly, men in western nations are going abroad, to Asia to attempt to find wives. They hope that, despite cultural or other differences, they can find a woman who at least has some modicum of femininity to her, and who is interested in a traditional relationship. Unfortunately for them, increasingly Asian women too are becoming westernized as a result of the spread of western culture internationally. Feminism simply renders women unbearable. It represents the subordination of reason, i.e. men, to emotion, i.e. women. If unchallenged, it will destroy civilization. Feminism must be abolished or the family will not survive.”

Fortunately, the US government is clamping down on these sham marriages with foreign women. No man should be able to go to Asia, or anywhere else, in an attempt to find himself a wife who isn’t a feminist. Fortunately too, feminism and progressive values are spreading around the world, making it increasingly harder for men to find “traditional” women, who want to be meek, docile, submissive housewives.

With more and more men refusing to date and marry progressive women, what are women to do? Some of us have experimented with lesbianism, and found fulfilment through it, at least for a time. Some of us have thrown ourselves into our work, only to find it ultimately unfulfilling later. Some of us, have tried to “fix” men, only to find out that most men are so screwed up and stupid, that they can’t be fixed.

Some men have turned to “Pick Up Artists” in order to manipulate women into giving them sex without having relationships with them. These PUA writers and activists encourage men to say and act in particular ways in order to get sexual services from women. When the man gets what he wants, he leaves and moves on to the next victim. The worst extremists in the “Men’s movement” actually attack the PUA’s, claiming that men shouldn’t have to become someone else, in order to impress women, and that such shallow one-night relationships are ultimately unfulfilling for men, and emotionally and physically unhealthy.

I have come to believe, that public education should be used to try to fix men, if they can be fixed at all. Little boys need to be taught from a young age, beginning in kindergarten, that they have male privilege. Because they are male, doors automatically open for them in our society. Doors that remain closed to women, even to this day! For all of history and up until the present time, men have dominated society and used their privileged positions of power to denigrate, oppress, and abuse women.

Little boys need to be made to feel guilty for being born male. They need to be forced to play with traditionally female toys an equal amount of time, if not more than male ones. They need to be told that gender stereotypes are unacceptable. They need to know that it is not ok for them to express opinions that women find offensive. If men are taught these things, they shouldn’t have any problems relating to women or talking to them. It would go a long way toward solving the male problem.

Who am I kidding? We’ve already tried that. I think our pharmaceutical companies need to develop some drugs that will render men more willing to listen to women, more understanding and more emotional. We need a chemical cure for maleness! Unfortunately an increasing number of men, and even young women, are questioning, attacking, or ridiculing feminism. Perhaps the time has come to recognize all sexist speech as criminal hate speech? As a proud feminist, I think it is long overdue!

Criticism of feminism should be illegal. Scientific research that explores differences in the way men and women think should be banned. Ultimately, all such research stems from patriarchy. Patriarchal scientists seek to rationalize male behaviour by finding a biological basis for it. There can be no excuses and no rationalizations however for sexism! Science, ideologies, and ideas which run counter to feminism should receive zero tolerance. Classical art and literature which stems from patriarchy should be destroyed. Like Isis, let feminists bulldoze ancient statues of nude women! Let them burn sexist books with male protagonists! Only radical feminism can save women from men!

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