North Korea Announces State-Created Comedy Film Responding To “The Interview”

Kim il-Sung

By Ray Charlston

In response to the recently released American film “The Interview,” North Korea announced the release of their own new state-created comedy film. The filmed is titled “The Great Interview With The US Imperialist President.” It reportedly stars a North Korean actor in black-face make up, playing the part of Barack Obama. The same actor also plays Michelle Obama in some scenes, with the addition of a wig and a change of wardrobe. For that reason, progressives around the world have condemned the film and denounced it as racist. North Koreans have responded, noting the lack of blacks in the country, and accusing the US of dredging up a red herring, in order to bias the world against viewing their singularly great cinematic achievement.

The unlikely plot of the film revolves around a couple of North Korean college students, studying abroad in the UK, who write to President Obama. They ask him if they could interview him for a school project. Surprisingly, Obama accepts their request. He sees this as an opportunity to further bad-mouth and attack North Korea, as well as to distract the public from domestic scandals. Obama is under the impression that the two Korean youths are seeking asylum in the US. What Obama doesn’t count on, is that the Koreans are “patriots” loyal to the “DPRK”, as they refer to their country, and to Kim Jong-Un, who they refer to affectionately as the “Great Young General.”

As soon as the two Korean youths land in the US, they immediately are taken aback by the many homeless people begging for money, who are lining the streets. In the DPRK, they note, there is no homelessness, as the state provides housing for everyone. Some of the beggars are shown wearing US army uniforms, and holding up placards reading “homeless veteran.” The DPRK students look at each other in astonishment. “Why does the extraordinarily rich US not take care of its own people, people who fight and die at the behest of its government? Truly, the Yankee barbarians are unfeeling even toward their own. Their politicians are lower than beasts.” The parts of the “Yankees” are played by actual Caucasian commercial actors recruited from neighbouring China.

The Obama administration supplies the two Korean students with lists of recommended questions, as well as topics that are “off limits.” The two Koreans play along, and win Obama’s confidence, stating that they are in “awe” of President Obama’s incredible achievement of being the first black president in a country as racist as America. They drink beers with him and ask him earnestly to allow the international media to film the interview live, so that the whole world can see what a great and wise leader Obama is. Flattered by their appeals to his ego, Obama reluctantly acquiesces to their request. Obama does so over the objections of his smarter Jewish aids and handlers, who warn him of possible disaster.

Before the interview takes place, Obama is shown in the oval office, snorting cocaine off of his desk, while joking on the phone with Dick Cheney. They discuss the torture of prisoners and US domestic spying. Cheney advises Obama that he has nothing to worry about regarding new revelations about the extent of the US torture program reaching the public. Cheney reminds Obama that the world quickly forgets these things. “Soon everyone will be talking about Kim Kardashian’s ass or Miley Cyrus’ latest simulated sexual act on stage. These things always go away! Thank God for the media, right?” Cheney adds, as they both laugh.

When the interview begins, the two Koreans proceed to deviate entirely from the script given to them by Obama’s staff. Obama was to be fed answers by two teleprompters, discreetly set up by aids. What Obama doesn’t anticipate, is that the two Korean youths snuck away discreetly before the interview, in order to sabotage his teleprompters. A frightened Obama is forced to answer their questions, without any help or support from his advisors via the teleprompter! A seemingly inept, uninformed, hypocritical, arrogant and rude Obama is shown, as hysterics quickly ensue.

The two students ask “Isn’t it true that in the past, US sanctions on the DPRK caused starvation for Koreans, during the Arduous March? ” Obama looks at his teleprompters which have gone black, struggling to answer the question. Obama responds “What march? What are you talking about? I’m sorry there’s a problem with… um, do you two still have your papers, um…” The students continue “The controlled media in the US largely portrayed you as somehow being an anti-war candidate but isn’t it true Mr. Obama, that you supported a surge of troops to Afghanistan, and that you have praised President Bush? Didn’t most US Afghan casualties occur under your presidency?” A nervously awkward Obama feigns laughter and smiles, responding “I feel like I’m getting ambushed here. Those questions they, um, they were not what we discussed beforehand. This is not acceptable. I am going to go now…”

Obama’s aids are shown across the room, holding signs, hastily written, telling him he cannot walk off the stage, as it would be a PR disaster, and telling him to answer the questions. The students ask Obama “Isn’t it true that you are desperately trying to foment a US imperialist war with Syria? Although the US claims to oppose terrorism, the US funded ISIS allied groups, and US ally Israel, gave weapons to ISIS as well, did it not? Is it not true that Iran has met US demands, yet the US still imposes unjust sanctions upon it?” Obama responds by gazing off into the distance, muttering “um, um.”

After continuing to hear questions from the students, Obama yells angrily. “Why don’t we talk about North Korea. Let’s talk about your country and its leader.” The students reply, “Mr. President, the US already had that conversation, and it was one-way. You chose to make a stupid film with two vulgar buffoons, crudely mocking our Supreme Leader, and insulting the dignity of our country. Now it is your turn to answer our questions! Are you afraid to answer questions that have not been pre-approved by your aids? Are you afraid of questions where the pre-written answers are not fed to you via teleprompters?”

An angry Obama, in an outburst of anger, calls the two Koreans “Fucking slanty eyed yellow skinned gooks!” and tells them to “Go back to your own country.” Adding that “In America, you can’t ask a black man questions like that. Even white people understand there are limits, you aren’t allowed to ask me questions like that, to make me look ridiculous. How dare you make me look stupid in front of the whole world!” To which the Koreans reply, “you don’t need our help with that Mr. President. Without your teleprompters, we know you are powerless to articulate even a single rational thought. Your slippery verbal gymnastic moves, fed to you by your cunningly wicked advisors, cannot reach you now! You appear before the world as a wicked monkey right now!”

Obama then stands up and points at the two Korean students, accusing them of being terrorists and calling for his drones to be released to kill them. The US reporters echo Obama’s lies, shouting them irrationally, while foreign media looks on in astonishment, bewildered by the spectacle. Suddenly, a giant experimental helicopter from the DPRK emerges. As DPRK soldiers jump out, they surround the two Korean students, escorting them to safety. Meanwhile, Obama shakes his fist angrily, powerless in the face of the invincible might of the DPRK and its heroic people’s army.

The two students are shown back in the DPRK, receiving the country’s highest award for bravery and valour in defence of the fatherland. Beneath a giant statue of the eternal President Kim Il-Sung, an elderly grandfather tells his grandson that, “Koreans have fought hard and long to obtain their freedom. We will never allow the US imperialist barbarians to enslave us, as they have enslaved most of the world. When I am gone, you too must continue the struggle.”

In an “effort to bolster cross-cultural understanding,” special screening DVD copies of the North Korean film have been sent to Sony, as well as actors Seth Rogan, James Franco, Lizzy Caplan, and Randall Park, and even to President Barack Obama himself. It is unclear if the North Koreans actually sent the DVDS, or if they were somehow obtained and sent by others, perhaps impersonating them.

This much is clear, this North Korean film is ugly, racist, and evil. It is anti-American and brimming with propaganda. Not just because of the Korean actors in black-face, but because the film dares to insult our first African-American president! Electing President Obama was our greatest achievement! Americans and the world are urged to boycott this hateful terrorist film! Insulting our first African-American president goes too far. It crosses all boundaries of decency, and it must be met with a proportional response. Progressives are, even now, urging President Obama to order new sanctions against North Korea, and to consider drone-attacks on the film makers. There must be reasonable limits on freedom of speech!

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