Progressives Seek Ban On Sexist Age-Gap Relationships, Dating, And Marriages

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By Werombi Towradji

We have all heard of the older gentleman with the beautiful young wife or girl-friend. In cases of extreme age-gaps, he is often a man of wealth or fame. Sometimes, he is a seemingly very charming man, and he uses his charm as a weapon to lure innocent young women into relationships with him. Young girls who are still teenagers, often only 18 or 19 year old kids, are sometimes entering relationships with obscenely older men. Sometimes, they even marry them! Mature progressive women are rightly offended by this and outraged, as are progressive men. These men are clearly taking advantage of young women, and it needs to stop right now!

Fortunately, progressives in Oregon are taking action. A new proposition has been drafted that will be submitted to voters next year, banning age-gap relationships, dating, and marriages state-wide. The bill states that a man will not be able to marry a woman more than five years younger than himself, date her, or pursue a relationship with her. If passed, the bill will become retroactive and invalidate existing sexist marriages. There is no provision against a man marrying a woman older than himself. As feminist activist Sheila Jackson noted, “We are facing an epidemic of lecherous, dirty old men preying upon innocent young girls. This proposition is long overdue.”

As progressive activists work to gather signatures, to put the Anti-Age-Gap Relationship bill on the ballot, counter-progressive activists are spreading disinformation and sexist propaganda. Age-gap relationships or marriages, run counter to the very principles of equality that a true partnership should be based upon. Many women who seek out older men, are emotionally or psychologically damaged. For an older man to take advantage of their fragile emotional state, while claiming to provide greater stability, or security, than someone their own age could, is just disgusting and wrong. Women who desire relationships need to be with their peers, not dirty and disgusting old men! These men seldom are capable of love; in reality they prize these women solely for their bodies. Unlike young men their own age, these old perverts only want sex!

Bill Thompson, an outspoken opponent of the proposed ban, had this to say. “I am 64 and my wife is 18. No one forced my wife to marry me. What the feminists are saying is, women are so fragile, so stupid, that they have to be protected from themselves. They fail to recognize that older men of wealth and life experience actually have a great deal to offer women. There is nothing wrong with a woman wanting financial security, or wanting a husband who has more life experience, knowledge or who can make wiser choices than a younger man. Men are genetically disposed to prefer young women, as they have greater fertility. We were literally born this way.”

Young women are intelligent, strong, and fiercely independent. They don’t need disgusting, manipulative, paternalistic sugar daddies to take care of them or provide for them financially. Fortunately, most husbands today want their wives to work outside the home. They recognize that being a housewife or a mother isn’t a real job or real work, and cannot provide emotional fulfilment. Men who want to provide for women or “take care” of them, really are seeking to degrade and dehumanize them! They may claim to believe in “traditional roles” for women, or that men and women are different. Science however, has shown us that men and women are the same. We are interchangeable and gender is a purely social construct.

Sadly, popular culture continues to glamorize age-gap relationships and marriages. The 2000 film “Under Suspicion”, features an aged and privileged white male, played by the creepy ass old cracker Gene Hackman, who is married to the beautiful and much younger Monica Bellucci. In the film, Hackman is hauled in for questioning by a detective, played by the brilliant African-American actor Morgan Freeman.

Hackman delivered a vitriolic sexist rant, that was widely loved by male chauvinist pigs. He said “Are you try’in to tell me that you don’t like ‘em young? Uhhhh. You’re twice divorced, single with a vengeance, who do you talk to at a martini bar? The best looking girl you can get away with, that’s who. And she’s not fifty, probably mid thirties, of course in their 20’s, hey, now we’re talk’in. How about teenage girls? We loved ‘em then? Why should anything change now? What does he possibly see in a girl that young? What in the world do they talk about? Hey, if I want to uh, discuss the S&P 500, I’ll call my broker. Young girls don’t talk. They laugh, they live, they’re in the moment, and every night is the night. And their bodies are hard and tight and smooth, the way skin is supposed to be. And saying so, doesn’t make me a pervert. Men can’t say shit anymore. We’re all brow beaten by youth obsessed old bitches, fresh from their chemical peels, still want us to open their doors, pay their way.”

Let us hope that Oregon becomes the first state to ban age-gap dating, relationships, and marriages. This kind of privileged male predatory lechery should not be tolerated in a civilized society. Progressives need to take action. We should not stand by, while aged, charming or wealthy men seduce, wine and dine, innocent young girls! The next time you see an old man sitting in a restaurant or at a museum or a cultural event, with a beautiful young girl, please say something. Do something! We need to protect these innocently naive young ladies from these disgusting old deviants by any means necessary! Age-gap relationships are wrong, and hopefully soon, they will be illegal too!

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