African-American Twelve Year Old Shot By Racist White Cop In Detroit In Holiday Tragedy

Santa Claus in Chicago

By Werombi Towradji

Acqwon Williams, a bright twelve year old African-American boy, was brutally shot by a racist white police officer on Friday. Authorities claim that the youth had entered the Detroit Plaza Mall, and had begun harassing a mall Santa Claus. Some white witnesses allege that Williams told the Santa that he had “been good all year long, but barely got shit last year.” In his long angry tirade, white witnesses claim that he told the mall Santa he was going to “bust a cap in his fat white ass” if he failed to comply with his demands for presents.

Two female assistants, dressed as elves, allege that Williams groped them aggressively and made lewd and off-color remarks to them. When the mall Santa, Bill Jones, told Williams that he wasn’t really Santa Claus, Williams is said to have responded “I know you’re the mother fucker! You are going to give me what I want white bitch, or I’m about to lose my patience and do some damage you won’t recover from! Don’t fuck around with me you white cracka mother fucker!”

Williams then brandished a semi-automatic handgun and presented Jones with a Christmas list, outlining the various gifts he hoped to receive. The list reportedly included, among other things, “lots of white hoes, kegs of beer, assault rifles, Jay-Z CDs, a subscription to Hustler magazine, a home entertainment system, video games, marijuana, crack cocaine, heroin, knives, a box of cigars and gangster clothes.”

Stating that he deserved all the items on his list, Williams expounded on the difficult year that he had endured. “Mother fuckers are pressuring me to take a fucking paternity test, but I ain’t doing shit. The bitch was a ho, it ain’t mine! My momma be giving me shit cause I almost got expelled from school. I only got ten games for my mother fucking x-box. My bitches have all been tricking on me, when I was away in juvie for some shop lifting and assault. I didn’t do it Santa, some white bitch did. It be racist shit, I was set up!”

Williams began waving his handgun around, as he screamed incoherently about his woes, when it went off, striking one of Santa’s elves in the shoulder. Williams screamed “I didn’t shoot it bitch, fucker has a fucked trigger, it went off.” Police approached Williams demanding that he put down his gun, when Williams began to fire at officers telling them to “get the fuck away” from him or he would “fucking cap” them. Williams then reportedly added “I’m the maniac, bitches don’t fuck with me. I’ll waste all of you cracka mother fuckers!” At that point officer John McDonald shot Williams in the leg.

According to Dr. Norman Frederickson, when asked for his thoughts on the tragedy, “This is just another example of the pervasive racism that permeates every facet of our white privileged society. This was clearly a case of a troubled boy, who endured some very difficult circumstances over the past year. He was accused of fathering a child out of wedlock. He felt that his girlfriends were all cheating on him. He served time in juvenile hall for a crime that he very well may not have committed. Officers should have been mindful of the stress that the young man was facing. They failed to empathize with a young African-American boy. They failed to relate to his problems or to offer understanding ears.”

When asked how he felt the officers involved could have proceeded more reasonably, Dr. Frederickson noted that “They could have made an effort to obtain at least some of the presents Williams had requested. That might have helped him to calm down. Instead they responded to him pulling out a gun, by pulling out their own guns. What did that teach him? Either it is wrong to pull guns on people or it isn’t. Williams clearly felt threatened and responded accordingly. He is not a criminal. He didn’t mean to shoot that elf in the shoulder, the gun just went off. Privileged whites drove him to this act of desperation and he was the victim here. He is a child. He needs compassion, love and understanding.”

Family and friends describe Acqwon as a gentle, kind, and often quiet boy. Those who know him say that he is a child who cares deeply about others, and about his community. He is also a very talented aspiring rap musician, and he has written several of his own songs. When he was in kindergarten, teachers said that he excelled at finger painting, and displayed great creativity and spatial judgement.

Clearly, white racism has grown exponentially over the last few years in America, particularly among law enforcement. When will progressives decide they have had enough? Protestors across the country are staging candle light vigils, they are occupying stores, and they are stopping traffic in order to draw attention to the plight of young Acqwon Williams. Unfortunately, police continue to brutalize, and in many cases indiscriminately murder, innocent youths of color across this country every single day. White police officers do this solely because of the color of their victims skin.

Fortunately, responding to community outrage over the incident, the Detroit Police Department has agreed to suspend Officer John McDonald without pay, pending a full investigation. Human rights activists, however, are demanding more. They rightly want McDonald to be charged with attempted murder for shooting an innocent young African-American boy. A twelve year old boy, who in all likelihood, had no idea as to the danger that guns represented because of the pervasive gun culture in our society. They are also demanding that the police re-evaluate their policies and procedures for handling such situations.

This time of year, a spirit of giving still exists among some progressives. Several community organizations and African-American church groups have pulled their funds together, and have bought Williams several new games for his x-box. Once is released from the hospital he will be able to enjoy them. Pornographer Larry Flynt has even weighed in on the tragedy, condemning the police brutality, and offering Williams a complimentary subscription to Hustler magazine, as soon as he reaches the legal age to receive it.

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