Seemingly Anti-Racist Video Actually Advances White Supremacy And Hatred!

By Amina Shabez

The following video is making the rounds online. It was sent to me by e-mail. I invite our readers to watch it here:

This video starts out great. A white racist is berating an African man. White members of the public intervene, demanding he desist from his hate crime! How inspiring. I am sure this video will make progressive whites feel good.

The fact that racism exists everywhere, and that it usually isn’t stopped, will be forgotten for a moment! It is in the second part of the video though, at 2:04, that the video’s creators reveal their real agenda!

The fact is that only whites can be racist, because whites have all the power in our society! Whatever ill treatment whites feel they may receive at the hands of minorities, they richly deserve. All whites are guilty! No true progressive believes that whites can also suffer racism at the hands of minorities.

Progressives need to be on guard. Racists hate mongers are now developing sophisticated videos, which appear anti-racist, at first glance. In reality, their real agenda is to advance hatred!

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