Brave And Heroic Human Rights Activists Bust Up Racist Oktoberfest Hate-Events


By Ray Charlston

White people of German ancestry, and even some who are not, are gathering together, eating German food, listening to German music, and celebrating German heritage. This is disgusting, vile, and completely unacceptable. Indeed, it is hard to imagine a more obscene and offensive celebration, as people are seen waving German flags, and even wearing t-shirts emblazed with messages invoking German pride! As if Germans, of all people, had anything to be proud of.

Germany has always been one of the world’s most backward, uneducated, uncultured, and unenlightened countries. In fact, German culture is merely composed of stolen elements from the cultures and mythologies of other peoples. Germany has produced no great thinkers, philosophers, scientists, artists, or composers in its entire history! German food is inedible, and the German language is one of the most guttural and awful of all to human ears!

Because of past racial hate mongering and paranoia, German people are largely inbred, and possess none of the hybrid vigour of other nations. They are a race of ugly dwarves, of diminutive stature, with hideous faces, evil beady eyes and stunted small minds. Scientists and historians agree that Germans are among the dumbest people in the world, yet, paradoxically, they excel at developing diabolically evil plans for terrorizing other races and conquering their neighbours! Far from being part of some mythical Aryan master race, Germans are descended from Europe’s largely illiterate unwashed barbarian hordes, referred to as savages by ancient Roman writers! I am personally greatly ashamed of my own partial German heritage.

Germany should be wiped off the map! The entire country should have been flattened after World-War II and its population eradicated forever! Germans are not a people, they are a disease, a virus infecting our world! After the Holocaust, in which Nazi Germany systematically murdered precisely six million Jews, as well as several thousands of Gypsies and Homosexuals, Germans ought to have some shame, and stop celebrating their identity and honouring their heritage! What is German “heritage” but a long history of murdering and terrorizing others, because of their ethnicity and religion?

Germans have a moral duty to die! Unfortunately, Theodore Kaufman’s bold plan to eliminate the German people, as articulated in his book “Germany Must Perish” was never implemented, and today we are suffering the consequences. We need to repeat the Dresden bombing, as one brave protestor, holding up a sign, noted outside of an Oktoberfest gathering somewhere in the US. America and the European Union should seriously consider levelling Germany entirely with aerial raids. If we fail to do so, a resurgent, racist, neo-nazi Germany is inevitable. We must bomb Germany before the establishment of the Fourth Reich!

Amazingly, in Germany, Oktoberfest celebrations continue, and neo-nazis, and white supremacists are among the participants! Shockingly, even ordinary Germans continue to attend these events, despite documented evidence that many racist, neo-nazi, and anti-Semitic Germans also celebrate Oktoberfest, drinking beer, and enjoying German music and food with their families! How can we explain and understand this?

Because most Germans celebrate Oktoberfest, and neo-nazis do so as well, it is no small leap to say that most Germans publicly support neo-nazism, and violence against Jews and all other minorities, racial, religious, and sexual! We can very reasonably ask, how many ordinary Germans have a secret shrine in their houses, where they worship Adolf Hitler and recite daily prayers to him? How many German children grow up receiving secret instructions from Mein Kampf from the cradle on, despite its being banned by the ostensibly “anti-racist” German government?

According to one anonymous German, in the city of Salzberg, an elderly man was seen with a Hitler-style moustache six months ago in broad daylight. In another city, a teenage boy was seen giving a Nazi salute, allegedly in jest, but how can anyone really know? The threat of a resurgent, radically racist Germany, remains very real and imminent!

According to Dr. Norman Frederickson, of the Campaign for Equality, Justice and Peace, “Germans should sterilize themselves. They have no right to exist! They tried to exterminate the entire Jewish people. When will Germany have paid enough for its past crimes? The answer is never. Germans should be down on their knees, thanking the world that they are allowed to live at all. What can Germans do to pay for their past crimes? The answer is nothing, even billions of dollars aren’t enough. Germans should pay all they have and then kill themselves, doing humanity a favour finally!”

Fortunately, there is a movement in Germany, encouraging Germans to undergo sterilization, or as an alternative, to reproduce with non-German immigrants in order to destroy their pure German blood-line forever. Known as “Germans For Diversity,” the movement is becoming increasingly popular among young Germans. Commendably, Germans for Diversity is planning an orgy party, to protest Oktoberfest, in Berlin next week. Promising free food and beer, and encouraging Germans to have sex with random partners from other races, the event has been praised by progressives. Only through events like this can we hope to ever overcome racism and create a more tolerant world!

At a recent Oktoberfest event in Berlin, several brave and heroic young human rights activists, wearing bandanas and ski masks, and armed only with baseball bats, began to smash tables of apple strudel, black-forest cake and various German sausages and potato salad, ruining the hate-mongers Oktoberfest feast! The sounds of terrified screaming old women, and crying frightened racist children brought joy to the activists, and only reinforced their resolve to smash hate wherever it may be found! Several crates of beer were liberated, and enjoyed by activists afterwards.

German police, once again revealing their own racism and sympathy for fascist neo-nazi gatherings, have announced that they are investigating the “attack” on the Berlin Oktoberfest event. Police Chief Otto Hamburg stated that “These were just ordinary Germans, celebrating Oktoberfest. It wasn’t about hate, it was just about celebrating traditional German culture.” Really? Is there any difference between celebrating hate and celebrating traditional German culture? Perhaps, if the Police Chief wasn’t a privileged white male racist, he could see just how stupid his statement was! There is no such difference!

The presence of a few self-hating immigrants at the event did not negate its racist and hateful nature in the slightest! Otto Hamburg’s great grandfather, although not a party member, was once seen watching a parade in Nazi Germany, proving Hamburg’s commitment to racism and hate! Hatred, in this case, is literally in his blood, pumping through his heart, and coursing through every vein in his evil and wretched German body!

All across Germany, and even here in America, human rights activists are bravely protesting Oktoberfest. Activists claim that by smashing tables of food, destroying stereo speakers blasting vile German hate-music, and even by ripping the offensive and racist German peasant dresses off of waitresses, they reaffirm their humanity and commitment to the worth and dignity of every human being regardless of race! Let us hope that these radical, racist, and violent neo-nazi hate-mongers have learned their lesson, and never dare to celebrate Oktoberfest ever again!

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