Democratic National Committee Chair: “The Risk of Contracting Ebola Is A Small Price To Pay For Enriching America With Diversity”

By Amina Shabez

The radical, racist, and reactionary right is at it again! This time, they are stoking ugly, xenophobic, and nativist fears that Americans could contract the deadly ebola virus from African immigrants or visitors to the US! These fears are really just a smokescreen for those who hate African-Americans, Mexican-Americans, Muslims and other immigrant groups along with hating the LGBT. They have no basis in reality, and the accusation really proves how desperate racists are to find ANY and EVERY excuse possible for limiting immigration. What are these white hate mongers so afraid of?

The truth is that racist white people fear losing power and losing their complete hold over American society! These angry, tired, dumb, pale and ugly old white people will hopefully die out soon of old age. Once that happens, my generation, and beautiful and diverse immigrant families that are coming to these shores, can rebuild a new and better country. The new great America will replace the tired, hateful, racist and lily white one that existed before!

Unwilling to stand idly by, while racists use irrational fears about ebola to frighten the public, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Chair of the Democratic National Committee, has weighed in on the debate. “I get to hear and read all kinds of criticism and invalid arguments against immigration. A guy in California observed that most of the arrest warrants in LA county for rape or murder are issued for illegal aliens. Now racists are claiming illegal aliens and immigrants may bring a deadly disease to the US. So far, that only happened once and it is largely under control. I won’t believe it can happen here until there are several dozen documented outbreaks of ebola! Until I see that, please shut up!”

When questioned by an ignorant bigot at a recent press conference, as to what the benefits of diversity from immigration are, our chairwoman responded “I can’t believe anyone would even think of that question. What kind of sick mind asks that? It should be self-evident that diversity is the ultimate achievement of the United States. Nothing is greater or more noble than our diversity. Ethnic, racial, sexual, gender and religious diversity. It all just enriches us, so very much, every day! Diversity is what makes America great! Diversity is our GREATEST strength!”

Remarkably, several racist agitators continued to question the chairwoman, claiming she had not answered their question. They asked her to list specific benefits from diversity. “I already answered that question. Do you want more? Ok, how about all the wonderful authentic Mexican restaurants that we have now. Some countries are not as fortunate as we are. In places like France, Spain, or England, white people are cooking Mexican food, or attempting to. That’s just wrong and unnatural! A great new Ethiopian place just opened out here too! I couldn’t believe anyone would be so ignorant as to even ask this question. It’s a stupid question, and you are obviously a very ignorant and stupid crowd. You should go back to watching TV and leave public policy to the experts. We have studied these things, we know better than you do! Have you even gone to college, because it sounds like you haven’t?”

When pressed about concerns that ebola has already reached the US, and could cost American lives, she observed that “This is ridiculous. So what if a few dozen or even a few hundred white people die! We need to destroy this institutionally racist culture that pervades our society. How do we do that? We encourage immigration and welcome immigrants! We educate whites about birth control and abortion and feminism. We have an aging and dying white population. They aren’t making babies.

If you turn away Mexicans and Africans today, what you are really doing is turning away your future doctors and nurses. Who is going to staff nursing homes for all you sick and tired old white people? Are you going to build robots to do it? That’s just great, something like the terminator, without the living tissue over the metal endoskeleton, will be serving you meals! That will scare the socks off grandma! You people are sick and insane! I can’t hear anymore!”

Let us hope that white-supremacists do not succeed in using fears of ebola to stoke anti-immigration sentiment. As fighting intensifies in the Middle East, and ebola spreads though West Africa, many thoughtful Americans are asking, why don’t we just bring all the Syrians, Iraqis, and West Africans here to America, where they will be safe?! The answer is because we remain a racially divided society, controlled by hateful, elderly, and mostly male, white people! Let’s hope they all go to sleep tonight, and never wake up! Before I, my husband, and my eight children go to sleep tonight, we will pray to Allah for that to happen, inshallah (God willing).

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