Tyrone Zuma Murdered In Cold Blood By White Racist


By Ivan Fernando

Last Friday, at Oakwood Elementary School in Pascola Florida, a young African-American named Tyrone Zuma, who was carrying a firearm, was murdered in cold blood by a white racist. This latest incident occurred as racist white Americans, including armed police officers, are stepping up their war on innocent young black men across the country solely because of the colour of their skin. Mr. Zuma was only 31 years old at the time of his death. He is survived by Brandi Williams, his domestic partner, and by his fourteen children, who tragically, no longer have a father.

The story began when a distraught, depressed, confused, and likely high Zuma, entered school property. Mr. Zuma, who is illiterate, would not have been able to read the large signs reading “Gun Free School Zone” posted outside of school property. Mr. Zuma’s killer however, a white racist named John O’Connor, not only read the signs, but chose to flagrantly disregard them, bringing his licensed concealed weapon onto the school campus, a place where firearms never belong under any circumstances!

Mr. O’Connor who arrived at the school early to pick up his child, allegedly heard a commotion inside his sons classroom. Mr. Zuma had entered the kindergarten class, and according to a small number of largely white witnesses, is alleged to have ordered the white students, who numbered thirteen boys and girls, to face the wall as he pointed and waved a gun at them. These witnesses claim that Mr. Zuma shouted “this is gonna be for Trayvon and this is gonna be for Michael Brown, get ready to die you little white crackas!” as he pointed his gun at the children. What is not in dispute is that Mr. O’Connor, who claims to have witnessed these events, pulled his gun out and shot Zuma in cold blood in his back. At no point did Mr. O’Connor attempt to dialogue with Mr. Zuma and at no point did Mr. O’Connor attempt to contact the police before he shot Mr. Zuma in cold blood.

Police have taken Mr. O’Connor into custody, but so far are only holding him for questioning in relation to the incident. A spokesman for the police department claims that the department is “looking thoroughly and very diligently in order to find a legal justification for charging Mr. O’Connor with murder.” However, the officer warned that “At the end of the day, we may be forced to let him go. We don’t want to do that, and I know no one wants that to happen. We are asking the public to be patient at this time.”

African-American civil rights leaders have arrived in Pascola, and are leading demonstrations outside of the police department. Protestors are chanting “Not one more murdered black boy! Stop the war on youth of colour!” Several protestors have understandably threatened riots and to “burn down the entire city” if the racist murderer O’Connor is released.

Psychologists have noted that Mr. Zuma was an avid video-gamer and after many years of playing video games was probably unable to understand the potentially lethal nature of using a firearm. Mr. Zuma was also known to frequently smoke marijuana as a result of several injuries he endured as a victim of gang related violence. Experts believe he was likely high at the time of his shooting. In short, Mr. Zuma was not in any way responsible for his own actions or behaviour at the time that he was brutally murdered.

Since Mr. Zuma was murdered in cold blood, there is no way to know that he was going to shoot any students. He may have been merely acting or attempting to draw attention to the ongoing racist war on people of colour in this country!

According to Dr. Norman Frederickson “What we witnessed in Pascola Florida, was the latest incident in a long series of crimes by privileged white males, against powerless and disadvantaged African-American youths. Some defenders of this racist murderer claim that Zuma was targeting white students, and that he was going to kill them because of his grievances as an African-American. That is outrageous and offensive to all people of good-will and integrity. Racism is about power, and whites have all the power, so only whites can be racist! White racists are trying to distract and confuse the public. Racists have even brought up Mr. Zuma’s past gang affiliations, in an attempt to besmirch his character! This incident is really about white racism and the need for greater gun control measures. O’Connor didn’t try to talk to Zuma, he just shot him in the back! I call that racism period!”

President Obama has condemned the shooting of Tyrone Zuma, and urged congress yet again to work to pass comprehensive gun control measures. Clarence Zuma, Tyrone Zuma’s son, aged seven, was seen hugging the president, as he sought desperately to try to console the child. Clarence Zuma, and his mother are scheduled to address both houses of congress this week on the issue of gun violence and the need for stricter gun control measures as well as the problem of white racism, which seems to be growing exponentially.

Candlelight vigils honouring the life of Tyrone Zuma are being organized across the country, as are demonstrations demanding justice for him. Let us keep the Zuma family in our thoughts and prayers during this difficult time. Let us also hope that justice is done, and that the racist white murderer O’Connor, who shot and murdered Tyrone Zuma in cold blood, answers for his ultimate crime with his life!

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