South African Supreme Court Orders White Separatist Community Orania To Admit Black Residents


By Ray Charlston

Orania, a white separatist community in South Africa, has been ordered by the South African Supreme Court to admit black residents. In a victory speech after the decision, attorney M’bkei Modise stated that “Whites have created an all white community that is economically prosperous and almost entirely crime free. The white Afrikaners claim they merely wish to keep the so-called Afrikaner language, culture and customs alive. It has arguably become the best place in South Africa to live. That is why I want to go there and get out of this dump. Let’s face it, whites create better cities.”

Mr. Modise revealed the extent of his profound self-hatred when he announced his own intention to move to Orania claiming that “The ANC has utterly failed to provide a safe state for black Africans. Even Bishop Desmond Tutu was forced to admit that South Africa is now worse than it was under apartheid. Unfortunately, I can’t bring back apartheid, but I can try to move to a white area. Let’s face the facts. Our so-called president, Jacob Zuma, is a lunatic who thinks you can wash off HIV with a shower. Crime, poverty, disease and government corruption are at an all time high. We didn’t realize how good we had it in the old South Africa. I blame white liberals and the ANC terrorists who lied to us and stirred us up with resentment against the former system.”

A spokesman for Orania issued the following press release upon word of the decision. “We appreciate that many people admire the achievements of our community. We can rightly take pride in those achievements. Our fear is that once a sufficient number of new residents move to Orania, our current way of life will not be sustainable. If necessary, we will be forced to leave and establish new communities elsewhere. We will continue to protest this decision and work to appeal it through the legal process.”

In a supremely irrational move, Mr. Modise declared that he is suing American civil rights leaders who campaigned against Apartheid for “stoking the false notion that blacks are better off under self rule and not when they are not under the protective and paternal rule of benevolent whites. I may also sue the US media next. Under apartheid they attacked South Africa non-stop, but now when things are worse than ever under ANC rule, where are they?” Jesse Jackson has been named in the lawsuit. Mr. Jackson offered no comment when contacted by Diversity Chronicle staff.

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