Planned Parenthood Launches Controversial New “Abort Racism” Campaign

Planned Parenthood

By Amina Shabez

On Tuesday, Planned Parenthood launched its newest campaign “Abort Racism”, in a drive to increase profits by increasing the number of yearly abortions – and best of all, fighting racism at the same time! This exciting new campaign has generated a surprising amount of controversy. It seems that some radical racists claim that “Abort Racism” is actually a kind of reverse discrimination, singling out white people, as absurd as that sounds!

Fran Greene, a spokeswoman for Planned Parenthood, noted that “unborn white babies are little racist parasites who should be exterminated in the womb! Women can empower themselves and stop racism in its tracks by aborting their racist white baby and adopting an African one instead. Given the overpopulation and poverty in Africa, it’s really disgusting and offensive that a white woman would choose to give birth, instead of adopting a black baby! I would even say that these women who give birth to white babies, instead of adopting black ones, are murderers!”

According to a recent study, babies that are only 15 months old can disgusting between racial groups, and show favouritism to adults who favour their in-group. That is, favouring those who are of the same race as themselves! While babies of all races have exhibited this behaviour, only whites should rightly be singled out and condemned for it. Racism is about power, and whites have all the political power in the world, so only whites are racist. More about this phenomenon can be found at the following link.

The new study only adds further scientific weight to a fact, well known by human rights advocates: All whites are born racist and always will be racist no matter how hard they may try to change! Since all whites are born racist, it really is immoral for white people to reproduce themselves. White reproduction is a hate crime and it ought to be illegal! Fortunately intelligent and enlightened celebrities like Madonna, Sandra Bullock, Charlize Theron, Mary-Louise Parker, Angelina Jolie and many others have already adopted black babies, revealing their high moral stature, character and superior social consciousness.  “Abort Racism” Has already received several progressive celebrity commercial endorsements.

Ms. Greene, also noted that “We used to engage in semantic games, saying it isn’t a baby, it’s a fetus, or a non viable tissue mass. We don’t do that anymore.  It’s a baby if you want it, but it’s not a baby if you don’t want it, couldn’t hold up forever. We now favour legalization of infanticide. We understand that babies are not really human beings or people and we aren’t afraid to say it anymore. We have petitioned the United States Supreme Court to hear the case of a woman who killed her new born. The right to choose shouldn’t stop at birth! If we are going to say a partial birth abortion isn’t murder, we logically have to say infanticide isn’t either. Partial birth abortion is after all, obviously infanticide. Human rights advocates like Peter Singer argue that newborns are not yet fully human. This is our position and its gaining more and more acceptance!”

For too long Pro-Choice Americans have allowed radical anti-abortion extremists to claim the moral high ground in the abortion debate. By adopting a pro-infanticide position we can protect a woman’s right to choose for a longer period of time than ever before. As the honourable Senator Diane Feinstein correctly noted when cornered by anti-choice extremists, human life begins “when you take your baby home from the hospital.” The humanity of the baby has always been an irrelevant distraction in what should correctly be framed as solely a women’s rights issue. It is profoundly offensive that a man would even have an opinion on abortion, given that men cannot give birth! The only opinion decent men can have is a Pro-Choice one, if he isn’t Pro-Choice he should shut up! He isn’t entitled to hold an opinion!

“Pro-Life” radicals seek to punish women for having sex, by saddling them with some needy baby against their will! Being “Pro-Life” is about punishing women, as President Obama recently alluded to when he stated that he wouldn’t want his daughter punished with a baby. Psychiatrists now agree that having an abortion can be a tremendously empowering experience for a woman. “knowing that she is terminating the life of a weaker entity that cannot fight back, can provide oppressed women with a tremendous feeling of personal empowerment and strength. She knows that on some level, she took a life, and that is tremendously satisfying for many women. Especially if the baby is male or a racist.” Dr. Nancy Steinberg, a clinical psychologist noted.

Feminists agree that “Abortion is a holy sacrament, it is the ultimate expression of a woman’s personal empowerment. No longer are women condemned to be breeders for men. We can kill the hostile parasites inside of us and free ourselves! Babies are not people, they are a disease, they have no rights! All they do is cry all the time and want food or need their diapers changed! Newborns too are disgusting parasites that sap the life and soul out of innocent women everyday! Every woman should exercise her legal right to choose to have an abortion! Only oppressed women steeped in patriarchal and so-called “pro-family” propaganda want to have children.” Feminist Andrea Schwartz noted.

Sadly over recent years the enemies of choice have succeeded in many of their battles against women. More women than ever are being encouraged to get sonograms to see their “baby.” Unfortunately some women, confused by these anti-women propaganda baby images, decide not to exercise their legal right to choose. These brainwashed women are condemning themselves to many years of labour caring for ugly and ungrateful little parasites!

Anti-Choice extremists falsely claim that babies cannot be parasites because a parasite is of a different species than it’s host. We don’t need to get into the usual hateful arguments employed by those waging a war on women! The bottom line is that they hate women. In reality their goal is solely to control women’s bodies!  When does human life begin they ask incessantly, the answer is, when the mother says so, when she feels that her baby is now a person and has decided such! Any other definition oppresses women and must be rejected out of hand!

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