Do It For Denmark Ad Encourages Immoral White Reproduction Instead of Immigration

By Ray Charlston

A shockingly offensive video ad is circulating the internet. The ad entitled “Do it for Denmark” encourages Danish couples to go on a vacation getaway. Demographic data is misleadingly skewed to suggest that there are not enough young Danes to support the aging population of the country. The ad encourages reproduction! Couples who can prove a conception occurred during the getaway will be eligible to win three years worth of free baby supplies!

Readers may view the video below. Do so at your own risk however, it is very offensive and blatantly racist and homophobic!

Denmark does not need reproduction, what it really needs is immigration, especially from the third world to solve its demographic crisis! Reproducing more Danes does nothing to enrich Danish culture and society. It is also shockingly immoral given the mass starvation, poverty, illiteracy, disease and oppression which those in the third world suffer entirely because of white racism and white privilege.

Since homosexuals cannot reproduce through sexual intercourse with persons of the same gender, the entire campaign is blatantly homophobic! Unfortunately, some Danish fear-mongers still ignorantly claim that immigrants are a burden on the economy and that they commit more crime than the native born. It is understandable that in a racist white society, many immigrants would require economic aid in order to survive. Higher crime rates among immigrants are ultimately the fault of whites who refuse to support increased funding for education!

Please boycott this travel agency:

The idea that white people should have sex to reproduce themselves is simply disgustingly obscene. The Danish people need to be educated. Sex is a fun and natural activity, but not when it results in conception! Danish women need to understand that having a baby is an annoying inconvenience and it is beneath them as women. Has the women’s movement died in Denmark? Condoms, birth control and abortion are all available in Denmark. Regrettably however, not all Danes are availing themselves of their options. Some women are disgustingly, giving birth, instead of exercising their legal right to choose! In an increasingly overpopulated world, whites should naturally feel guilty about reproducing themselves!

Let us hope that “Do it for Denmark” fails, and that similar racist and offensive campaigns do not take place elsewhere in Europe. The world just doesn’t need any more white people, we have too many already! Do not let their racist agenda of creating more white people succeed! Denmark’s high standard of living, long life expectancy, low crime-rate, and abnormally high happiness rating make it a very attractive destination for immigrants. Denmark should be encouraged to subsidize births among its non-white immigrant population and not to reproduce itself!

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