Fred Phelps Deceased, Gay, Lesbian, and Transgendered Rights Activists Picket Funeral!

Fred Phelps

Fred Phelps, founder of Westboro Baptist Church, died a few days ago. The bigoted, homophobic, and almost certainly closeted homosexual, died in Topeka Kansas. Phelps had been in a hospice, and had suffered from multiple still undisclosed severe illnesses toward the end of his life. Some sources report, that on his death bed, Fred Phelps recanted his ugly and bigoted views and embraced love, tolerance, and acceptance for all people.

It is reported that a deathly-ill Phelps in the last few minutes of his life tearfully cried out and shouted “Everyone is equal! Gays are just like you and me! Stop persecuting love! Stop that hating!” If true, this recantation comes as far too little, far too late for most LGBT-Americans, who will forever remember the notorious Phelps as an intolerant hate-mongering funeral picketer!

At a small private family service held in Topeka, several Gay, Lesbian and Transgendered rights activists with megaphones chanted, “The homophobic hater is dead!” and a few Gay and lesbian clergypersons chanted “Fred Phelps, died and split hell wide open, burn in hell for homophobia Fred!” Police were called out by the Phelps family, however they refused to disburse the protestors citing their first amendment right to protest the funeral.

After the funeral service concluded, several homosexual men gathered around and on top of Phelps’ tombstone stomping on it repeatedly. Police then disbursed the protestors, although several individuals remained and shouted obscenities toward Phelps’ gravesite. Brave and proud LGBT rights activists left behind notes expressing their undying and righteous rage and indignation at the now deceased hate-peddling pseudo-preacher, vowing to never ever forgive him, and to take their hatred with them to the grave.

The Rev. Dr. Alicia Williams, a local lesbian minister in the Gay African Universalist Church expressed her views. “Fred Phelps is in hell right now. Demons are feeding him hot coals until his belly explodes! God’s anger burns against homophobes, and our righteous God will burn them forever and ever, in eternal hell! In hell, Fred Phelps will not find a single drop of water to cool his old hateful homophobic white tongue!” Pastor Phil Sanders of the Progressive Evangelical Church of Topeka stated that “Phelps is now being forced by God to engage in every homosexual act he ever judged! God is using hell’s demons to mete out his divine wrath upon a vile, hateful and disgusting homophobe! God will show him no mercy, this we know! No mercy for hate-mongers! Racists and Homophobes fuel the fires of hell! God deafens his ears to their cries for mercy!”

A small group of local African- American civil-rights activists defended Phelps. “While I did not share his great hostility toward homosexuals, Fred fought and defended African-Americans as a civil-rights attorney for many years. Now that the man is dead, shall we not remember him for his good deeds, does he not deserve that like anyone else?” The Rev. Erastus Rice noted. Upon looking into the matter further, I discovered that it is true that Fred Phelps did indeed work as a civil rights attorney as several sources have confirmed.

The Rev. Erastus Rice was brutally attacked and badly beaten by LGBT rights activists earlier across the street from Phelps’ funeral, while holding a sign reading “Remember The Civil-Rights Hero, Not The Hater, Let Phelps Rest In Peace! Let The Hate Die Here!” Upon seeing the sign, several Gays, Lesbians and Transgendered persons openly attacked the Rev. Rice, spitting on him, pelting him with rocks, and kicking him on the ground. Rev. Rice was later hospitalized for severe injuries from the attack.

According to the Rev. Rice, his attackers “repeatedly uttered the N word, yes, the ugliest word in the entire English language and all human speech, they were calling me a no-good nigger, an uncle Tom, and saying my people are a homophobic race, because most blacks in California voted against Gay marriage! This kind of racist violence led me to re-examine my own views, I now strongly oppose Sodomite marriage, taking a more Biblical and traditional view! I never realized before today that most homosexuals are intensely racist, most of them are avowed white-supremacists and privileged and affluent whites! Several of these homo-racists, if I may coin a term, attacked Uganda for its record on so-called gay rights, as they beat me senseless because of the colour of my skin.”

Attempting to defend his clearly hateful and indefensible views, Rev. Rice stated, in an angry tirade reminiscent of the late Rev. Phelps that “it is unfair to equate opposition to homosexuality with bigotry. As a Christian man, I do not hate my enemies, yet I cannot love their sins. Why have so many civilisations and faiths condemned homosexuality as unhealthy, aberrant, unnatural or sinful? The average Homosexual man dies in his 40’s and has severe health problems. Do I show him love by pretending that practicing his sin is healthy? No, there is nothing gay about homosexuality. It is a lifestyle of death! Clearly the human body was never intended to be used in this way, and saying so does not make me hateful but honest. I’d rather be right and unpopular than wrong and acclaimed.”

The Rev. Rice has launched a class-action lawsuit against several leading LGBT rights organizations including GLAAD and Scouting For All, charging that they are deliberating promoting racism by singling out African nations, attacking their record on LGBT rights issues so as to inflame dangerous and militant homosexuals against African-Americans, leading to violence in many cases. Let us hope that one day, human beings can learn to live together on this planet in a spirit of peace, tolerance and respect despite all of our differences. In the wise words of the late civil rights hero Rodney King, can’t we all just get along?

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