Justin Bieber Courageously Announces He Is Gender-Flexible, Sometimes Male, Sometimes Female


By Werombi Towradji

Today Justin Bieber issued a press release. After repeated episodes of disorderly conduct, drunk driving, and other incidents, Bieber has confirmed reports that he is in fact Gender-Flexible. He stated that he is done living in fear of persecution, he is proud to be Gender-Flexible and that he hopes his coming out will inspire others to follow his lead.

“Everyone who knew him, and got him already knew it.” Marissa Andrews, a long time Bieleber noted. “He likes to wear girl’s pants and he admitted it publicly, he was kind of effeminate sometimes. People thought he was weird or something, but lots of us always knew. We should all accept him for who he is.”

It is not easy to be Gender-Flexible today, or to be a Gender-Flexible celebrity. Gender-Flexible Americans face widespread discrimination and intolerance. Even many people who accept Gays, Lesbians, Bisexuals and the Transgendered refuse to accept the Gender-Flexible. Some ignoramuses and bigots claim that people choose Gender-flexibility. Reputable scientific data however has repeatedly confirmed that no person chooses to be Gender-Flexible, in reality it is entirely genetically determined.

Psychiatrists now recognize that the most Gender-Flexiblephobic, are those who are in denial about their own Gender-Flexibility. Unable to come to grips with their own status, some lash out verbally and sometimes violently against others who are Gender-Flexible as an expression of deep self-loathing. Experts agree that only a greater climate of tolerance, understanding and education can defeat Gender-Flexiblephobia once and for all.

In his press release earlier today Bieber noted “I decided to come out, to give strength to other people who are Gender-Flexible. I came out of the closet, I am not ashamed of who I am. I am proud to be a girl sometimes. Sometimes I’m a guy, sometimes I’m a girl, just get over it.” Several prominent celebrities have congratulated Bieber for coming out and have expressed their support. Beyoncé, Lindsey Lohan, Lady Gaga, Kim Kardashian, and Miley Cyrus are just a few of the voices who have defended Bieber and offered him their words of love, acceptance, and support.

Human Rights activists have praised Justin Bieber for coming out. “Millions of Gender-Flexible young people are inspired by Bieber and can now proudly look to him as a responsible role model. It is incredibly important that people know that some of their favourite musicians, actors, athletes and comedians are Gender-Flexible.” African-American LGBT Human-Rights activist Tyrella Williamson noted.

Gender-Flexible teenagers all too often suffer persecution from bigoted and hateful teachers and students. In efforts to mock and ridicule them, hostile and bigoted teachers and students often deliberately use incorrect personal pronouns. Very often, hostile individuals will hurtfully refer to Gender-Flexible students as male during times in which they are female and vice versa. Gender-Flexible students are often ridiculed for going back and forth between using male and female restrooms and showers depending on their gender at the particular time.

Some Gender-Flexibles change genders several times a day, some every other day or even every few weeks or months. Frequency of gender changes vary widely based on the individual. Some haven’t changed in years. It is very important that people understand that there is a great deal of diversity in the Gender-Flexible community.

Mark Gorski, a bright and intelligent 15 year old often faces Gender-Flexiblephobia in his daily life. “At school I don’t really have any friends. People say I am crazy. There is widespread intolerance and persecution. Some of the parents complained that I get to use both restrooms depending on my gender identity at the time. People just don’t understand, they don’t get what I am going through and how hard it is for me.”

Dating and relationships can also be especially difficult for the Gender-Flexible, as Mark confirmed. “My girl friends didn’t understand when I was a girl myself part of the time. When I was a girl, I was a lesbian. When I was a guy, I was hetero. People find it confusing for some reason, they don’t want to accept it, but this is who I am.” Gender-Flexible individuals may be heterosexual, homosexual, hetero-flexible or any other orientation.

President Barack Obama has praised Justin Bieber for his courage in publicly coming out as a Gender-Flexible, noting that “Justin Bieber has inspired a generation of Gender-Flexible Americans, he deserves praise for helping to promote acceptance and tolerance as well as working to break down prejudices and preconceptions. Our country is richer and more enlightened because of him.”

Asked what he plans to do now that he has publicly and proudly outed himself Bieber said “I plan to wear girl’s pants more, maybe I’ll work up to wearing a skirt or a dress sometime just for fun. I think that I want to pursue a lesbian relationship sometime in the future. I don’t have to hide my Gender-Flexibility any longer. I don’t have to live in fear anymore, the nightmare is finally over.”

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