A Self-Hating and Anti-Semitic Jewish Racist

By Dr. Norman Frederickson

Diversity Chronicle was kind enough to invite me to write a piece about self-loathing Jews. What would cause Jews to adopt self-loathing attitudes? It can be motivated variously by mental illness, traumatic childhood abuse, Stockholm Syndrome, or systematic brainwashing.

For this essay, I will focus on one example, an individual who calls himself Jewamongyou. He makes his home in a quiet suburb of Portland, Oregon. Portland is a progressive city, and it is home to a number of anti-racist groups. Few people in the Portland area know that an ugly and sinister hate-group is active there.

Not satisfied anymore with spewing his disgusting hate online, Jewamongyou holds secret clandestine meetings, often at midnight, sometimes at cemeteries or abandoned lots, where he and fellow hate-mongers share plans and strategize. Some rumours allege that Jewamongyou and his associates have worn white gowns and hoods. He is part of a network of repugnant haters, stretching across the globe.

Driving through the quiet streets of Portland, it’s hard to believe that such evil resides here. Jewamongyou recently wrote a short racist manifesto. He titled his diatribe “Why I believe in race-realism” It is posted on his blog.

One glance at jewamongyou’s diatribe reveals the venom and profound self-loathing in his malignant heart. He quotes Steven Farron, another Jewish Nazi and other dubious characters. His evil intentions are thinly shrouded in his rhetoric. When he writes…

Geographical origins correspond closely with what we call “race” for the simple reason that humans have, until recently, bred almost exclusively with those from the same area.

What he really means, when you read between the lines, is that the races must remain pure – at ANY cost! When he writes…

blacks have smaller brains than whites.

He is saying that all blacks must be exterminated, gassed to death or thrown alive into ovens. This man, in his pathetic worship of the pure white race, is clearly a self-hating Jew. His ideas, when taken to their logical conclusion, can lead only to genocide!

Known to sometimes express criticism of Israel, and to allege crimes by the Jewish state, he is also a suspected adherent of anti-Zionism, the newest popular expression of anti-Semitism! He once favourably mentioned Norman Finkelstein, the notorious anti-Semite and Holocaust trivializer! He is also known for snide and negative comments about the US government and the Obama administration. It is believed he hates the US government solely because America has a black president.

Jewamongyou has attended the American Renaissance conference on several occasions. This conference is a radical racist gathering, featuring hate and fear mongers of all stripes and ideologies. From Neo-Nazis to Conservatives, Constitutionalists and Tea Party Republicans. A not insignificant number of Libertarians also attend American Renaissance events, masking their ugly hate by claiming to support freedom of speech – even for racists! These Libertarian racists claim to believe in the right of the individual to freedom of association. In other words, the right to DISCRIMINATE against non-whites!

Revealing the depths of his self loathing and hatred, Jewamongyou once implied that less than six million Jews might have died in the Holocaust. To imply that even one less than six million may have died, can only mean one thing; Jewamongyou is a crypto-Nazi, and nothing would please him more than the total annihilation of his own people.

On his blog, Jewamongyou links to a web-site that links to the likes of Kevin Macdonald, the Institute for Historical Review, and a radical eugenics site. By linking to a web-site with the aforementioned radical links, he clearly endorses every word on those web-sites in their entirety!

Let’s take a look at Jewamongyou’s hateful manifesto espousing “race-realism”!

“In a perfect world, scientists could go about their research unhindered – and without fear of asking the “wrong” questions. In our world, however, there are grave consequences for any scientist who dares broach the topic of racial differences. James Watson, Michael Levin and Philippe Rushton are a few examples of academics who suffered for their racial research. Other scientists, such as Armand LeRoi and Steven Pinker avoided this fate by (mostly) speaking in hints and being extremely diplomatic.”

The obvious reason why these scientists have been ostracized is because they are racist and motivated solely by hate. They create pseudo-science. If it were legitimate science, it would confirm what 99.9% of scientists claim, which is that race does not exist, and that it is a mere social construct. Unfortunately, since whites are born racist, a tremendous effort must be made to educate the public as to the non-existence of race!

Sadly, Jewamongyou is not afraid to dishonestly employ racist pseudo-science in an effort to popularize racism among non-traditional haters. Instead of aiming solely to reach rednecks and dumb hicks, he sets his ambitions higher, hoping to poison average people with his hatred! His strategy and writing ability, coupled with his Jewish identity make him a dangerous enemy of diversity and tolerance! He is a truly despicable hate-monger!

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