Santa Monica City Council Votes To Secede From U.S., Declares Intention To Form Communist Republic


Santa Monica has always been an iconoclastic city, with a population that is among the most progressive in all of California. Last year, in December, the Santa Monica City Council adopted a new city seal, incorporating a hammer and sickle with the words “Workers Of The World Unite, Smash Racism and Inequality!” encircling the seal in gold over a red background. A statue was also erected outside of city hall honouring the revolutionary fighter Che Guevara. The new city seal, as well as the statue, provoked some controversy, as some reactionary residents objected and picketed the city council for several weeks. One angry resident has continued to picket the city council every day up to the present with few exceptions.

In a move showing incredibly courage and vision, the city council of Santa Monica has chosen a new course for its residents. A course founded on the principles of egalitarianism, human rights and social justice. At a public meeting today, the final vote over secession was taken. With four abstentions and only three voting no, the city council overwhelmingly voted to petition the federal government of the United States for the right to secede and form its own nation.

Reading from a speech after the vote, the Mayor of Santa Monica Pam O’Connor declared. “Our new republic will be called ‘The People’s Republic of Santa Monica’ we will work to create a truly just and equitable society. We aim to create a worker’s paradise based on the revolutionary-socialist principles of Marxism-Leninism. Maximum wage laws will ensure that no employer is permitted to make more than four times the annual salary of his lowest paid employee. Private banks, hospitals, corporations and small businesses will become the collective property of the people. No longer will the 1% continue to oppress the 99%. Our new republic must be a dictatorship, a dictatorship of the Proletariat!”

Crowds cheered and applauded the city of Santa Monica’s new revolutionary decision. Distinguished foreign dignitaries from Vietnam, Cuba and Venezuela, also in attendance, at the invitation of the city, rose to give the mayor a standing ovation. The mayor continued speaking “Of course we recognize that the US government may not grant our petition. In that event, we will be forced to continue working toward the communist transformation of our city within the framework of the existing government. We will not give up. The people, united, will never be defeated!”

As crowds rose to applaud the mayor, The International, the former Soviet anthem was played. “Right wingers used to joke that Santa Monica was a communist city, now it’s finally declaring itself one.” Fredericka Alverez, a Santa Monica resident noted. An elderly resident Michael Thompson observed that “We are witnessing a new beginning for our city. We have finally won. It just goes to show that the communist strategy really works. We had a long march through the institutions and we conquered them from within. We won, through patience and hard work!”

Neighbouring residents in Venice, are taking notice of the developments in Santa Monica, and several city council members there have vowed to introduce their own resolutions attempting to strengthen communism in the city. At the Venice Beach Boardwalk, a communist parade, complete with large red banners and gigantic pictures of Karl Marx, Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin is being organized.

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