Prominent Anti-Racist Activist Tim Wise Embraces Racism and Sexism, Stunning Progressives

Special Report By Ivan Fernando

Tim Wise

In a move that has stunned progressives across America, anti-racist activist Tim Wise has embraced racism and intolerance. Now styling himself a so-called “Race-Realist”, Wise held a press conference in Washington DC at the National Press Club earlier today. Announcing his new reactionary and extreme views Wise began:

“I am no longer an anti-racist activist. Although, in a sense I am, for the very first time in my life. I am now opposed to a pervasive racism and sexism which targets white males. This bigotry permeates our entire society and culture. I know, because I used to be one of its advocates. I used to promote hatred and intolerance toward whites, I used to attack and malign western civilization. I used to accuse men of almost universally oppressing women. I was guilty of making sweeping generalizations and attacks concerning an entire race of people, namely white people. For this, I was not condemned, but strangely enough, rewarded by our society and our academic and media elites.”

To the sound of shrieks and boos from the audience, largely composed of his own former supporters, shocked and stunned by his unexpected revelation, Wise continued speaking. His voice clearly strained by emotion. “I realize that what I am saying now will shock my friends and family. I am now a Race and Sex Realist. I recognize that white men are not uniquely evil. Indeed, I believe that when we examine history objectively, we recognize that whites are the foremost champions of, and even the very authors of the concept of human rights. The very idea of what we call human rights, is a product of the European enlightenment, in other words, dead white men!”

As police officers surrounded the podium to protect Wise from outraged former supporters filled with righteous and justified indignation, Wise continued speaking, raising his voice so that it would be heard over the screaming crowd. “Ironically, the notion of human rights, a concept fashioned by white men, is now used to vilify the very race that authored it. It is also ironic that those who seem to hate white people the most are whites themselves. This may be without parallel in world history. Before I continue, I think I need to say something about my own background and what led me to my present awakening.”

As Wise spoke, he quickly dodged his head to the right, missing a large glass bottle intended for him. Police officers called for reinforcements as the audience continued screaming, shouting “Racist” and “Fascist Pig” along with numerous profanities which I will not repeat here. An assistant handed Wise a megaphone as he took a sip of water before continuing his talk.

“I came to understand that I had a deep seated irrational hatred of whites, despite being predominately white myself. I have one Jewish grandfather, but I’m largely Northern-European. I grew up in a very radical family. From a young age I was bombarded with negative portrayals and images of whites. I grew up attending an elite private school. I never really had a chance to see the world outside of the constrained ideological box I was raised in. I am an adult now, and I take responsibility for my own actions and decisions. Ultimately, I failed to question the information, or rather the indoctrination I was receiving at the hands of very sincere but terribly misguided teachers, professors and family members.”

Several attendees began shouting “Shut up fascist pig!” and “No freedom of speech for Racist Nazis!” as it became impossible to hear Wise speak. Wise adjusted his megaphone volume before continuing. “Despite over twenty-five years of work in so-called civil rights, for the first time, I recently began reading some Race-Realist publications. I was curious about what motivated these ‘racists’ and how they defined their own views. I read Prof. J. Philippe Rushton, Prof. Richard Lynn and I finally read the Bell Curve. I came to see that economic disparities and environmental differences among races alone, cannot account for significant IQ and behavioural differences among races.”

(Loud shrieks and screams) “I came to see that human intelligence is largely hereditary in nature, and that it differs among racial groups. Intelligence also differs by gender. Men and women have different brains which actually function differently. We are not born as blank slates. There is such a thing as human nature, contrary to what many sincere and well meaning people wish to believe. We can see the world as we wish to see it, or we can take off our rose-colored glasses and endeavour to see reality as it truly is. I took off the glasses now I can finally see. Most of you listening to me right now have eyes, yet you cannot see, you have ears, yet you cannot hear.”

“It’s income, it’s education! Whites commit crimes too!” A voice from the audience yelled out. Wise continued speaking. “I was just getting to that issue. After so many years fighting for civil rights and Afro-centric causes I was confronted with the fact that black statistics continued to become worse. The more racism we thought we had eliminated, the more money and programs we had secured for Blacks and Hispanics, the worse their statistics became. It would seem that despite our good intentions, our policies have failed to help their intended beneficiaries. Spending more money on education doesn’t seem to make a difference. If crime is caused by poverty, why didn’t Japan experience an epidemic of violent crime and rapes after the Fukishima nuclear disaster?

Wise became inaudible for several seconds, as a result of some loud shrieking in the audience, before resuming. “I believe this is owing to our own failure to understand the nature of human intelligence, specifically, the important role of human genetics in IQ and in human behaviour. Not only are African-Americans and Hispanics significantly lower in IQ compared to whites on average, they have lower levels of conscientiousness and higher levels of testosterone. Low IQ and high levels of natural aggression can make for an unstable combination. I now believe this explains the disproportionately high levels of crime in these communities. By contrast, North East Asians, such as Japanese, Koreans, and Chinese commit less crime on average, compared to whites, and have lower testosterone. The understanding of race and sex differences can help us better understand ourselves and humanity. I believe that it can also help us to formulate more logical responses to human problems.”

Wise paused, sipping from a glass of water again, as dozens of armed police in riot gear entered the room to push back rightly enraged listeners. “My former radical beliefs alienated me from some of my own family. My children were bullied by blacks in public schools. I told my seven year old daughter that the reason black kids were sometimes mean to her was because of her own white privilege, and that she must have acted superior or treated them rudely. I told her I was ashamed to have a daughter like her. I forced her to attend a dangerous predominately non-white school because of my own narrow ideological convictions. To her I apologize. What I did was nothing less than child abuse, and after several school shootings and racial incidents between blacks and Hispanics, I am truly thankful she is still alive. Ideas have real consequences, and my former views can and do cause great harm. All too often, children pay the price for their parents progressive values. That’s one reason that I felt I could not fail to speak out. A sense of moral obligation compels me to give this talk.”

Raising his voice again to drown out the screaming crowds, Wise resumed speaking. “Let me be clear. I do not hate other races. I actually appreciate the beauty and richness of the world’s diverse cultures. I love ethnic foods of all kinds. I love art, music, architecture, and literature from around the world. Despite the accusations of this audience, I do not hate other races. I do however recognize that white people, like all races, have their own unique interests. Unlike advocates for other races, white advocates are called “racists” instead of civil rights leaders. I also recognize that crime rates vary by race. As Jared Taylor noted, the single greatest indicator of the crime levels in any given area is its racial demographics. I believe a great deal of racial antagonism between whites, blacks and Hispanics could be avoided by an amicable separation. Good fences make for good neighbours, as they say.”

Presenting an outrageous and absurdly facile analogy, Wise stated “Suppose that Korea opened its borders tomorrow to the entire world, and it received millions of foreign immigrants of another race and background, say Africans or people from India. Suppose these immigrants had a higher birth-rate than the native population, and suppose they continued to stream into the country by the millions each year. Inevitably the original culture and identity of Korea would be lost. Wouldn’t that be a bad thing? Korea would cease to exist. Something very beautiful, and very special would be lost forever. A certain separateness is necessary to preserve diversity.”

Wise looked at the audience and shuffled his notes continuing his racist, hate filled, and thoroughly emotional diatribe. “By 2043, America will be majority non-white. By 2050, Europe will be majority non-white. Is European culture and identity worth preserving? If every other culture, every other race and every other identity is worth preserving and even celebrating, why should Europeans and those here of European ancestry be the only exception? Setting aside culture and national identity for a minute, do you realize the rising crime levels and lower standards of living this transformation will inevitably entail? Unfortunately, anti-racist really is code for anti-white most of the time! There exists a pervasive double-standard in the world concerning racial matters.”

Tim Wise has amassed a small fortune from his past anti-racist work and has sadly decided to turn it over to hate mongers in an attempt to atone for his past life in the eyes of his new hate-vomiting white supremacist overlords. “I’ve spent over twenty five years advocating for policies which arguably were not in the best interests of most people here. I have amassed tremendous wealth by advocating wrong, dangerous and shameful causes over the course of my life. I wish to try to make amends in some small way. I wish to take a stand for what I now know is right. That is why today I am pleased to announce I will be issuing the following checks. I have here in my pocket four checks. One check to the New Century Foundation, Jared Taylor’s Race-Realist organization for the amount of $1,000,000.00. A check for Prof. Richard Lynn in the amount of $ 1,000,000.00 to assist in funding his research. A check for $1,000,000.00 to the Council for Social and Economic Studies to help them continue publishing race and sex realist data censored by mainstream academia. I also have a check for  $1,000,000.00 to the Institute for Historical Review, a public interest education and research organization.”

In a baffling and shameful conclusion, Wise expressed contrition and regret over having once done good, working to rid the world of racism. Turning his back on over twenty-five years of good deeds, Wise has chosen to join the ranks of the Nazis, the Ku Klux Klan and other dangerous hate-mongers! “I can’t take back the things I have said or done in the past. From this day forward however, I can attempt to live a life of integrity and intellectual honesty. I hope that some people listening to my words today will not be afraid to re-examine long-held views on these sensitive subjects. I would like to recommend Patrick Buchanan’s book The Death of the West as a good starting point. If you don’t want to read a book, watch some of Jared Taylor’s videos on the ‘American Renaissance’ channel on YouTube, or visit his website If you would like to see an excellent film exposing prevailing racial hypocrisy and double-standards, check out “A Conversation About Race” by filmmaker Craig Bodeker. Thank you for your time and consideration. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.”

As a progressive journalist, I am unable to explain this about-face, this 180 degree reversal by Wise, literally turning his back on his entire life’s work. Perhaps only a profound mental illness can begin to explain Wise’s decision and his newly professed views and attitudes. Mr. Wise, I ask this with genuine concern, have you ever sought psychiatric help? Was your life just a lie? Did you lull us to into a trance for years with tolerant and progressive talk so that one day you could take off your clothes, revealing a white klan robe with a swastika armband on underneath? The world would like to know.

Most of all, this journalist’s sympathies are with the countless colleges, universities and progressive talk shows that entertained, unknowingly, a disgusting, vile, dangerous and divisive hate-monger! In a sign of some sanity in the world, several European countries including the UK, Germany and France announced they are putting Tim Wise on a no-entry list banning him from visiting or speaking there permanently.


Tim Wise contacted this web site and expressed the concern that some who read this article might not appreciate its humorous or satirical nature. So that there is not any confusion among followers or fans of Mr. Wise and his work, or by anyone else, this article was written as satire. I apologize if anyone’s feelings were hurt by the above article.

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