Dennis Hof’s Racist Brothel Billboard Irks Nye County Nevada


Dennis Hof’s Racist Brothel Billboard Irks Nye County Nevada
By Elliot Bernanke

Brothel owner Dennis Hof is no stranger to controversy. Two weeks ago, he first opened the “Cuckolder’s Ranch” his latest brothel in Nevada. The first of its kind, the brothel caters to a different clientele then most, namely white men who want to watch their girlfriends or wives have sex with black men in front of them.

According to Mr. Hof, his new brothel has been his most successful venture yet. “Let me tell you something, white people are really a cuckold race! We love watching our women get screwed by black men. Some people criticize me and what I do, but as Al Capone said, I am a businessman, all I do is supply a demand.”

On Friday night the brothel offers the popular “Cuckolder Special” for just $200.00 a white man can watch his wife have sex with a black man. For $250.00 she can have sex with two black men at once and for $600.00 a white woman can have sex with up to a dozen black men in one encounter. The woman’s husband or boyfriend can sit back in a comfortable plush chair with a foot rest, watching the entire thing. Popcorn, snacks and drinks are all complimentary and included in each visit.

Nye county is certainly no stranger to brothels with several already. What has irked local residents however, is the large 50 foot billboard of King Kong holding a white woman outside of it. “The billboard is racist and offensive. I shouldn’t have to see that every time I drive past here. What’s that cracka think he’s doing” one local resident, Sheba Jackson, an African-American stated. A group of local feminists have also condemned the billboard. “The gorilla is holding a woman in his hand, like she’s an object or a possession! I find the entire thing very demeaning and offensive” Theresa McDonald noted.

If you thought Hof’s billboard was bad, unfortunately so is his gift shop inside the brothel. With T-shirts reading “I am a semen dumpster for N-words” and “I’m a dirty white whore for N-words.” Most of the T-shirt statements are simply too offensive to reprint here. Unfortunately, Hof’s billboard and the store inside his brothel appear to be protected by the first amendment, our attorneys claim that it could be very difficult if not impossible to force him to remove them.

Outside of the brothel feminists and progressives have begun holding a small protest. One man held a sign that reads “Kudos For Encouraging Black Male And White Female Sex, Bad On You For Racist Billboard” An anonymous progressive woman explained her frustration and feeling of betrayal over the brothel. “When I first heard about the brothel I was delighted. I made my husband take me here several times already. We spent a ton of money. Then the racist billboard went up. I felt sick and betrayed.”

While Hof deserves praise for breaking down racial barriers and encouraging interracial sex between white women and black men, his billboard continues to annoy area residents. Some customers report holding their nose and continuing to patronize the brothel. “What are you gonna do? It’s the only cuckold brothel here or anywhere for that matter!” An anonymous woman told us.

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