Six Year Old Transgendered Girl Suffers From Hate Crime In School Restroom


Six Year Old Transgendered Girl Suffers From Hate Crime In School Restroom

By Investigative Reporter Derek Caldell

At Grover Cleveland Elementary School in Oakton California, a transgendered girl was cruelly mocked and ridiculed for using the girls bathroom. Samuel Washington, a bright young African-American girl who prefers to go by Samantha, had the misfortune of being labelled male by doctors at birth. She is actually female, she states. Washington had been using the girls restroom at her school for two days before another student, Jessica Hernandez cruelly attacked her in the restroom stating “You’re a boy, why are you in the girl’s bathroom? You aren’t supposed to be in here!”

Under the school’s zero tolerance for hate crimes policy, the six year old Hernandez was expelled. “It is disgusting that this kind of bigotry and ignorance persists in our community.” Principal Sharon Johnson stated when we requested her comment on the matter. Tyrella Williamson of the local chapter of LGBT Americans United offered her insight on the tragedy. “Somebody ought to kick that little transphobic bitch’s ass. Obviously this hate is coming from her parents. She was taught to hate. No person is born a transphobic hate criminal” Williamson stated.

The facts of this case are not in dispute, but that hasn’t stopped some extremists from attempting to use this case to promote hatred. Some unenlightened reactionary Neanderthals on the extreme and radical right claim that Jessica should not be forced to use the same restroom as a transsexual since transsexuals are legally and anatomically of the opposite sex to the one they profess.

Since Governor Jerry Brown’s signing of the Transgendered Student Bill, in California boys and girls may choose which restrooms or locker rooms, male or female they prefer. Over the last several months, schools have been flooded with complaints of young boys who some extreme critics of the bill allege, are suddenly pretending to be transgendered in order to use the girl’s locker rooms. It is alleged that these fake transgendered girls are actually boys who hope to gaze upon young girls in various states of undress. Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, and Transgendered organizations explain that given the new freer atmosphere, more LGBT youths are invariably going to go public with their identities and preferences. There is no reason to believe anyone would lie about their gender identity for personal gain or other reasons they stress.

Despite the complete lack of evidence, some revisionists are attempting to rewrite the facts of the case. These individuals claim that Jessica Hernandez was sexually harassed and had profanities shouted at her by Samantha Washington. A charge that school officials and other experts dismiss out of hand as baseless. School Psychologists believe that these allegations are a projection of Jessica’s own transphobia. Because Jessica expected to encounter ill-treatment or unkindness from transsexual students, her mind created that reality for her, they state.

Radical hate mongers who have their own poisonous agenda, hoping to spread discord, intolerance and to commit and spread hate crimes, have staged protests outside the school. Some of the protestors are reputed to have ties to radical anti-women Pro-Life, Christian and Homophobic groups. White supremacist forums and message boards online have also expressed their support for the protestors. Thus proving a definitive and undeniable link between white supremacy and all of the protestors present. It has also been reported that Hernandez is a White Hispanic.

This reporter caught the hateful and offensive six year old at her new school, a private Christian school across town. “How do you justify attacking transgendered students in restrooms?” I asked Jessica on the playground ”Go away, please leave me alone.” she answered before running off and feigning crying. Clearly the hateful girl was not so brave when asked to defend her bigoted views publicly.

This much is clear, transphobia is a disease and it has infected even the most progressive communities across this country. Teachers, educators, and parents are urged to do everything in their power to fight false notions of gender based on anatomy and not the feelings of the individual person.

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