Breaking news: George Zimmerman eats 3-egg omelet

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September 6, 2013
Breaking news: George Zimmerman eats 3-egg omelet

George Zimmerman has eaten a three egg omelet sources say. According to his estranged wife, Shelly Zimmerman, George used to eat only two-egg omelets.

This can only mean one thing, explains psychologist Dr. Dale Archer, “Zimmerman, wracked by guilt over his racism, has taken it upon himself to commit a slow suicide by cholesterol.”

The warning signs have been there for a while. Just recently, Zimmerman was seen near a McDonalds restaurant. Before that, he was observed purchasing cheese at a grocery store.

In normal humans, the two types of cholesterol, High-Diversity-Lipids (HDLs) and Low-Diversity-Lipids (LDLs) act differently upon our arteries. But the arteries of a racist are especially vulnerable to High-Diversity-Lipids. The HDLs found in whole eggs can be deadly to racists.


Actual footage of High-Diversity-Lipids (HDLs) attacking Zimmerman’s racist arteries

The fact that Zimmerman now takes an average of 2.4 seconds to respond to a traffic light changing back to green (as reported by our team of Zimmerman experts) also indicates that his state of mind has been compromised. Guilt is the only logical explanation.

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