Special Investigative Reporter Raymond Smith Resigns and Apologizes for Use of the N Word

The N Word

It is the sad duty of the Diversity Chronicle staff to report a tragic incident involving one of our best known writers. Last night a contributor to Diversity Chronicle, Raymond Smith, returned home to find his family dead. His wife and his two daughters were lying dead on the floor in a pool of blood after being repeatedly gang raped and strangled to death by a group of unknown underprivileged African-American urban youths. In an emotional rage, Smith recalls that to his shame and deep regret he yelled “Fucking niggers!” at the three African-American assailants who were fleeing the scene upon his return home.

Today, Raymond Smith released the following statement to Diversity Chronicle:

“The other night I came home to find that my wife and daughters had been brutally gang raped and strangled to death. My home had also been looted and property and furniture had been damaged and destroyed. I was in an angry, irrational, and unjustified rage. Without looking deeper into the root causes of these incidents, I uttered the ugliest and most offensive word known to humanity.

Shamelessly, and to my eternal regret, I looked right at the African-American gentlemen who had raped and murdered my family and I yelled “F***ing N-Words!” at them. No matter what these men had done, nothing can excuse the words that I used. I do not seek to make excuses for myself and I take full responsibility for my unpardonable offense. I write this statement tearfully as I reflect on the gravity of my offense.

As the Young Turks correctly noted in a recent broadcast, using the N word when one is a victim of a crime and thus driven by anger, makes it even worse than using it in a jovial manner. It shows the anger and hatred in the individual using it, even more so then one who is using it in a joke. Of course using the N-word in a joke is never acceptable either, for a white person. I do not seek to make excuses for myself, as so many others have in similar circumstances. I will not plead for my job or for your forgiveness as I know I am utterly unworthy of it. My use of the N-word in such circumstances illustrates that I am in fact a racist. I am a racist, despite spending a lifetime fighting racism and joining the staff at Diversity Chronicle in order to combat racism. I know that nothing I can ever do will atone for my egregious and shameful speech.

As all fair-minded people of good-will know, African Americans are a peace loving, virtuous, morally upright and non-aggressive people by nature. They are the salt of the earth, and no one has suffered more unjustly than they have. We must imagine the kind of systematic racism, exploitation and oppression which took place that would make these young black teenagers decide to break into my home and gang rape and then murder my wife and two daughters.

We need to look deeper to understand what we as whites do to ultimately cause violent acts and other tragedies, and we need to take responsibility for them. Let me repeat, the fault does not reside with those urban youths who killed my family but ultimately with me and with all white people. I absolutely cannot stress this final point enough. It would be fair to say that I killed my own family and that all whites everywhere also did. Certainly, we are more guilty then those poor urban youths who committed that crime.

To the men who raped and murdered my family last night, I can only ask your sincere forgiveness. I want you to know that I understand why you did the things that you did. That I forgive you on behalf of my wife and daughters. I, as a husband and father also forgive you. I want you to know how truly sorry I am for the hateful and ugly word that I uttered so angrily at you. I am profoundly disgusted with myself. I want you to know that I am sorry for the lifetime of racism, systematic discrimination, violence and abuse you have endured in our society ruled by privileged racist white males.

Because I know that my offense is evil beyond all measure and that I do not deserve to ever be forgiven, I have decided to take my life. I would like my residual wealth and property donated to Diversity Chronicle so that it may be used to fight racism and bigotry. I have learned that no matter how progressive you are, if you are a white male there is a hideous racism that lives forever in your soul, which you can never truly extinguish. It is the sin that we all inherit from our racist white slave owning ancestors, which runs forever through our filthy European veins.

If there were a hell, I know that I would deserve to burn forever in its hottest region while demons torture and sodomize me in my every orifice forever. I should have my eyes gauged out and burning coals put in their place. I should have my hateful evil N-word uttering tongue torn out so that I can never abuse it again by uttering hateful and hurtful words. The N word in itself, when used by whites, constitute an act of racist violence. Therefore I deserve to have violence inflicted upon me.

I deserve to be tortured and abused for all eternity in ways more horrible then I can possibly imagine. My flesh should be whipped and scourged everywhere, I should be boiled in a pot and stewed so that my flesh may be eaten and consumed by the demons of hell. May they break my bones and suck out the morrow from them, may they bleed me and ferment wine from my blood. May my back and neck be broken and my legs tied to poles and twisted. May my testicles be crushed in the most merciless and painful manner possible.

After I am dead I want my body to be quartered. I want my bones hacked to pieces and I want my hateful remains to be disposed of in the most disrespectful manner any person can possibly devise. May ten-thousand dogs defecate and urinate on the place of my burial. There must be zero tolerance for racism and no forgiveness for those who use the N-Word! May I be buried in an unmarked grave, however if I have a tombstone, it ought to read “Here lies a racist wretch who used the N Word.”

Upon reflection, I am actually glad that these urban youths did end the lives of my family, and ultimately precipitate the series of events leading me now to end my life. I would hate to think that my two daughters carried the blood of a racist in their veins. I hate to think of what kind of woman my wife was for marrying and sleeping with a disgusting racist like me for all of these years. I am thankful that my no doubt racist and hateful family have preceded me in death and that I soon will be dead leaving four less hateful racist white people on this planet.

May the healing of the planet and all of the people on it be helped by our deaths. Only when all the hateful racist whites are gone can the earth and its people truly begin to heal. What a paradise the world will be once that takes place. We can only hope that through a lower birth rate, suicide and miscegenation, that the cancer killing our planet known as the white race will soon vanish from the earth forever. Once all whites are gone, a truly utopian, diverse and egalitarian society, founded on justice and fairness can be established.

Statement from Diversity Chronicle

Diversity Chronicle wishes to express that had Raymond Smith failed to resign he would have been immediately and summarily dismissed without any opportunity to appeal the decision. Racist words such as the N word are completely unacceptable in any circumstances when used by whites, particularly white heterosexual males. These words constitute acts of verbal violence. We appeal to government authorities to pass laws criminalizing the use of the N word by whites.

We feel that any white person who ever uses the N word, no matter what the circumstances, should be summarily and publicly executed along with any family members suspected of harbouring racist views, in an enlightened society. Books written by whites, containing the N word, no matter what their age or in what context the word was used, should be burned and their authors blacklisted forever.

We are pleased that Mr. Smith made the decision to resign his position and end his racist life. Shortly after receiving the above letter from Smith, local authorities alerted us that he had in fact hung himself in his closet. A paper was tapped to Smith’s shirt reading “Racist crackers like me do not deserve to live!”

We beg the public’s forgiveness for having once employed a hateful racist like Raymond Smith. After prominent chef Paula Deen’s neo-confederate and radical racist views recently came to light, we recognize now more than ever that racism continues to grow in American and to threaten our democracy. We have adopted specific progressive and anti-racist employment policies to prevent a repeat incident in the future.

We have recently hired an African American and Bisexual High School dropout as a secretary. As well as a disabled and wheel chair bound ex-con Australian Aboriginal as a columnist to further enrich the diverse atmosphere at our corporate office. We are pleased to welcome Nakesha Jones and Werombi Towradji to our staff. We look forward to the new ideas, perspectives, stories and experiences we will hear from our new employees. We are grateful to welcome them to the Diversity Chronicle team.

We at Diversity Chronicle will not tolerate racism or hate speech in any form under any circumstances. We pledge ourselves anew to the cause of diversity and routing out hatred, racism and intolerance wherever it may be.

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