Diversity Chronicle is looking for writers!


Diversity Chronicle is looking for writers!

If you enjoy our web site and would be interested in becoming a contributor please send us a sample story. We will read it carefully and consider it for inclusion. Full credit will be given to contributing writers. You may contribute as often or as little as you wish. You may employ a nom deplume or pen name at your own discretion. All submitted articles become the legal property of Diversity Chronicle. We reserve the right to reproduce any article sent to us in its original or in an edited form.

If you are interested in contributing to Diversity Chronicle, please follow the editorial and ideological guidelines below in your writing. It is very important that you do not deviate from these guidelines in any way whatsoever, under any circumstances! The guidelines below have been established to ensure fairness, tolerance and the celebration of diversity in all of the writing on our website.

Progressive Editorial And Ideological Guidelines:


African American writers may use the N-word under any circumstances, whites will never use the N-word under any circumstances. The terms cracker or cracka are acceptable for whites. If you are white, use the term African-American for Black Americans who reside in America.
All African Americans suffer discrimination at the hands of white racists. Affirmative action is necessary to protect African Americans. African Americans are born smarter, morally superior and more attractive than whites however due to class oppression and systematic racism they are kept down by the white man.

African Americans are superior to whites as athletes in all fields. Whites do not enjoy any special abilities and are inferior to all other races in every way. The greatest honour that a white woman can ever have is to sleep with a black man, to become an African American’s girl friend or marry an African American man. If a white woman ever refuses the sexual advances of an African American, it is because she is a racist. Billboards, ads, television shows and movies must promote White woman and African-American man couplings in order to combat racism and solve the race problem.


When wealthy or middle class white males commit crime they do so because they are bad people, racists and patriarchal oppressors. No consideration of their backgrounds or circumstances is necessary. When non-whites and women commit crime we must look for the root causes. They do so because they are oppressed and victims of discrimination. Failure to look for the root causes of minority and female crime indicates racism and sexism. Only white males as privileged oppressors are accountable for their own behaviour!


The expression of views contrary to the cause of diversity and tolerance constitutes crimethink or a thought crime. Such views have no place in a civilized society and their expression in itself is an act of violence. Crimethink views may involve disbelief in the value of diversity, disbelief in some aspect of diversity or merely a questioning of diversity in some way. Crimethink begins with a single racial stereotype or negative sentiment about a race or group then culminates in genocide ultimately if unchecked. Crimethink must not be tolerated. All Crimethinkers are hateful, violent, and dangerous.


It must be recognized that sometimes two contradictory positions are true at the same time but in different contexts. This principle exists in various forms. Racial Doublethink, Foreign Policy Doublethink, Sexual Doublethink and Abortion Doublethink are some prominent examples. Specific examples will be illustrated below.

Economics and Class

There are no self made men, as Che Geuvara observed. All wealthy or rich people are class-oppressors who have wronged all poor people. The wealthy are created by inheritance, class-oppression and criminality never by hard work or self-sacrifice. To be poor, is to be honest, virtuous, uncompromised and noble. The homeless are homeless because of class oppression, no person chooses to be homeless and only the most ignorant believe that any are homeless owing to laziness, idleness or some type of inferiority.

All rich people lay awake at night plotting and scheming to continue keeping the African American, Native American and Mexican peoples down. The wealthy conspire to prevent the economic and class advancement of non-whites, desiring that they will fail in escaping their plight as oppressed minorities.


The “family” is an oppressive slave institution which perpetuates ageism, patriarchy and inequality. Children do not need to be “parented.” Children have guardians not parents. A child can have many mommies or daddies not just one of each, as bigoted narrow minded heterosexists assume.

Foreign Policy Doublethink

When Barack Obama, a Black Democrat favours starting foreign wars, wire tapping phones and killing American citizens without a trial, he does so because it is necessary for our security and he is spreading democracy around the world. When George W. Bush was president, Democrats were forced to vote for his policies, the patriot act and new wars, although they did not want to.

The Patriot Act was wrong under Bush however it is right under Obama. The imprisonment of detainees indefinitely without charges in Guantanamo Bay was wrong under Bush, however it is right under Obama. Democracy is good and it should be spread around the world, except where the public will elect leaders unfavourable to American objectives. Democratically elected leaders opposed to America should be removed in the name of spreading democracy.

Gender and Sexual Orientation

Gender is not determined by biology or appearance but by the feelings of the individual. If a so-called “male” believes he is female inside, that establishes her true gender. Persons who will not recognize the true gender of an individual are ignorant bigots. A transgendered person may be heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual, pansexual, polysexual, polyamorous, heteroflexible, homoflexible, bi curious, vortex bisexual, androphile, gynephile, asexual or two-spirit. Ambisexterous persons are sometimes but not always transgendered. Third gender or intersex persons are neither male nor female.


There are no illegal aliens, only undocumented migrants. No person is illegal. Laws which criminalize migration are racist, nativist, xenophobic and constitute a hate crime. No person crosses a border in order to enter into a nation, rather borders cross them, as they are artificial racist constructs.

The only reason anyone, anywhere would ever oppose migration by anyone is racism. Immigration provides cultural enrichment, improves the economy and no negative effects have ever been documented from it.

Racial Doublethink

White males are always privileged, there are no underprivileged whites males. White males as a class are oppressors. Racism is a sentiment whites express towards other races. Racism is about power, and whites hold all the power in our society, therefore non whites are never racist.

Race both exists and yet does not exist in different contexts. This important principle is known as racial doublethink. This same principle also applies to the N word which is offensive and hateful when used by whites but non-offensive and benign when used by African-Americans.

When race does not exist, there are no racial differences other than skin tone and it is purely a social construct. When race does exist, it exists because the white race is oppressing other races, the white race is evil while other races are innately virtuous. All whites are born racist, it is genetic condition inherited and perpetuated solely by whites.

Racism exists whenever a member of a non-white minority group believes that it does. The onus is on the person being accused of racism to prove that he or she is not a racist. The only time that “racist” acts are ever acceptable is when a non-white minority member carries out false-flag racist acts for the purpose of raising awareness about racism. All other racist acts are always wrong.

All whites alive today are morally responsible and guilty for black slavery, the theft of native and aboriginal lands, the extermination of native peoples and the holocaust. All non-whites are morally absolved from any responsibility for any alleged misdeeds of their ancestors.

Only whites have committed wrongs collectively as a people, no other race has. Whites have never helped any other race at any time, nor have they contributed anything positive to the world. Non-whites previously possessed superior knowledge, spirituality and technology to whites today, however racist whites have worked to suppress this out of hatred and jealousy.

Rape, Sexual Harassment and Sexual Doublethink

Any time a man ever asks a woman for sexual relations, including if he is her husband, he is engaged in rape, even if she gives her expressed verbal consent. Since men enjoy superior power and privileges in our society, any sexual activity initiated by a male under any circumstances constitutes rape.

A woman is raped or sexually harassed when she feels that she has been, no other criteria is necessary. A woman may withdraw sexual consent after previously giving it any time. If a man fails to withdraw from a woman after she withdraws her consent, the second she orders him to do so, he is a rapist.

Any time a male under any circumstances attempts to court a woman, he is engaged in sexual harassment. Women are strong and independent, they do not need or desire male attention of any kind. A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. Women are more intelligent and capable than men, however they require affirmative action to advance in society due to male oppression.

All heterosexual sex is rape and degrading to women. A woman can only be truly liberated once she has embraced her lesbian identity. Unlike male homosexuality which is always genetic, many women choose to become lesbians once they are politically awakened. At the same time, white female and African-American male sex, dating and marriage is good. This is known as Sexual Doublethink.

Religious Doublethink

All religions are equally true and good. Although all religions have different teachings they are all true, if they are true to the individual. True is established by what one believes, but only some of the time. Racist and sexist religions are not true and must be silenced. Sometimes all religions are true, but sometimes religions are tools of racial and patriarchal oppression. Sometimes only native and indigenous religions are true. This is known as Religious Doublethink.

Speciesism and Animal Doublethink

People do not own “pets” they have companion animals. No animal species, including humans owns another animal. All animals are equal. Those who oppose full animal equality and animal liberation are speciesist. “Farms” are slave institutions were animals are held against their will and forced into involuntary servitude.

When humans eat meat they are murderous blood thirsty savages, when animals eat meat they following their instincts. When native and aboriginal tribes hunt animals and eat them, they are uneducated, when whites do so they are evil. It is morally acceptable for native and aboriginal tribes to wear animal skins or fur however it is criminal for whites. This is known as Animal Doublethink.

Women’s Rights and Abortion Doublethink

An unborn baby is only a “baby” if the mother decides so. If she does not want it, it is a fetus or a fetal parasite. The fetus is a part of the woman’s body, like an appendix or a spleen and not a separate entity, it is not a life! If a mother wants her baby, it is a crime to kill it, if she does not want it, she is exercising her choice by aborting it.

The humanity of the embryo or lack thereof is entirely conditional upon the woman’s feelings. The father has no say whatsoever and his feelings are of no consequence concerning the matter. Even if a woman chose to have sexual intercourse and that act resulted in pregnancy she did exercise her “choice” to have a baby. A woman only exercises her choice when choosing to have an abortion but not when choosing to do otherwise.

Women who have abortions are brave, heroic and strong. They are never confused, scared or regretful. No woman anywhere was ever forced into an abortion even if she claims she was, that is merely Anti-Abortionist propaganda. Those who favour a woman’s right to choose are “Pro-Choice” while those who oppose women’s rights are “Anti-Abortion”, they are not “Pro-Life.” Those who oppose abortion rights for women are women haters, oppose women’s health care and seek to control women’s bodies. No male has a right to have an opinion on the morality of abortion unless he is Pro-Choice and is defending a woman’s right to choose. Sometimes the fetus is a parasite but sometimes it is merely part of a woman’s body.

The real objective of all individuals and groups opposed to abortion is to harm women by denying them healthcare. Sometimes Anti-Abortionists are motivated solely by hating women and their healthcare yet sometimes Anti-Abortionists worship fetuses, owning to religious extremism. When Anti-Abortionists do worship fetuses they stop caring after they are born. Once babies are born they believe in allowing them to starve to death and die. Anti-Abortionists are lurking in the shadows everywhere, working tirelessly to deny women their right to choose and to control their own bodies.

*The author acknowledges a debt to George Orwell for the concepts of crimethink and doublethink, as used in his book 1984.

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