Crypto Racism On The Rise

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Crypto racism is on the rise. But what exactly is crypto racism you may ask? According to experts including psychologists, professors, community leaders, teachers and social workers it is racism that remains hidden, shrouded in secrecy by the individual racist. A hatred so vile and so ugly that it dare not speak its name. Because crypto racists go to great lengths to mask and hide their racism it can be very hard to detect even by expert anti-racists and human rights activists.

Your boss, a co-worker, neighbour, friend, or fellow student may in fact be a crypto racist. A racist who has hidden his racism so carefully and cleverly that you have no idea it’s there hidden below the surface. He may manifest his racism publicly however in real ways by voting for candidates promising to cut welfare programs which largely benefit non-whites or occasionally expressing sympathy for those who criticize immigration reform. He may hold traditionalistic and regressive views on social issues.

Crypto racism has very real consequences and represents a serious danger to our society. When crypto racists feel safe they often take their racism out of the closet becoming more vocal, expressing it from time to time. The social circle of the crypto racist may exclude blacks, Hispanics or Homosexuals, although not necessarily. Some crypto racists have non-white friends or attend churches and community events with non-whites. Some even date outside of their race in order to more effectively hide their deep and irrational all consuming hatred.

Alarmed at this new trend Diversity Chronicle recently interviewed Dr. Norman Frederickson of the Campaign for Justice, Equality and Peace. Dr. Frederickson began “What makes crypto racism so dangerous is that you cannot easily spot it. Instead of a shaved head, tattoos or an offensive politically incorrect t-shirt or bumper stickers on the racists car you may find a normally dressed and seemingly pleasant person. He may not appear hateful at all but instead outgoing and friendly, perhaps exceptionally so. He may appear very likable in fact.”

We asked Dr. Frederickson why someone might be a crypto racist. He stated “In our society racism is no longer acceptable socially for the most part. Some individuals may fear losing friends or even family members should their views become known. They may fear losing their job. Few white women today will date a known racist. There are several reasons why a racist might choose to become a crypto racist, in effect taking their hatred underground and carefully guarding their words and actions so that it may be almost impossible to even tell that they hold racist views.”

Dr. Frederickson offered several signs that should help you to detect and spot crypto racists. “Members of paramilitary fascist youth groups like the Boy Scouts. Fundamentalist Christians, stay at home mothers and home schoolers may be. Individuals who state they that merely want to be “left alone” or who criticize the US government or who distrust it may be crypto racists. White women who curiously seem to never date black men. White people who claim that certain ethnic foods give them indigestion. People who talk a lot about the “need to take personal responsibility” in life are very likely crypto racists.

We asked Dr. Frederickson how we can fight crypto racism and what communities can do to combat it. “I think the important thing is that we stay vigilant. When someone makes a remark such as they do not like certain ethnic foods or against rap music that person is suspect. We need to keep tabs on them, they may well be dangerous. But remember, the crypto racist may try to go to great lengths to try to prove he is not a racist.

The Tea Party arranged for black speakers, the Republican party elected Michael Steel as chairman. The Republicans may run a black man or a Hispanic for president. The louder they protest that they are “not racist” the more likely it is that you are dealing with racists. If they aren’t racist, why do they feel the need to prove so strongly that they are not racist? Why do they say it over and over again? Me thinks they doth protest too much.”

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