Alarming Rise In Hate Group Activity Investigated & Interviews With Hate-Mongers

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(Special Investigative Report)
By Raymond Smith

According to the Southern Poverty Law Center Hate groups in the town of Safford Alabama have doubled recently in their membership in a period of just two months. If present trends continue it is projected that Alabama will be overtaken by dangerous racists within only a few short years. The danger of the secession of Alabama as well as the reinstitution of slavery there has become a growing concern among human rights activists across the country. If Alabamans succeed in seceding and reinstituting slavery it could quickly spread to all the other former states of the Confederacy and from there threaten to engulf all of America in a sea of hatred and racial violence.

Refusing to be a bystander and to merely watch as racial hatred and intolerance spread in America at alarming rates I travelled to Alabama to investigate personally. If even one person is oppressed or discriminated against anywhere it is a threat to everyone everywhere. Growing up in east Texas I know all too well the reality of racism and its great influence in modern America. This writer has resolved to confront racism and to fight it wherever it may be found.

After arriving in Safford, I met with and interviewed Bob Hoagland director of the so-called “White Confederate Knights of the Ku Klux Klan” a militant and dangerous white supremacist group. Mr. Hoagland was wearing a white klan robe as well as a white pointed hat. Photographs of burning crosses adorned the walls of Hoagland’s living room and a huge Confederate flag was pinned on the wall. I noticed that the letters KKK appeared to have been crudely hand written and added onto the white stars on Hoagland’s flag. A transcript of my interview with Hoagland follows:

RS: Hello Mr. Hoagland. Thank you for agreeing to this interview. Would you begin by telling me about your meetings please.

BH: There ain’t that much to tell. Last week my cousins Billy Bob and Jeb came over to watch the game. We had some cheese puffs, a six pack of Budweiser and we bitched about our wives for a few hours. Hell, it was hardly even a meet’in we ain’t got nothing go’in on here. The WCKKKK or ‘Whack’ as we call it is virtually dead. White folks just don’t care about their race no more. It sure is a crying shame really. Yup, in a few years I expect the klan will be finished. Truth was we all lost a long time ago.

RS: How can that be, I understand that you recently experienced a spike in membership. Your meeting doubled in size over two months?

BH: Yeah well that sounds great don’t it on paper but truth was it only doubled cause we only had only one person at the meet’in before that, that being me. So, yeah technically the meeting doubled in size since we had two after having one in attendance. The largest we really ever had was uh I guess five people that was counting my wife who was only here for about two minutes before going shop’in so I reckon we had four. I had to send the wife to the liquor store for more beers. My cousins came over though.

RS: And how many cousins? How many people did you have total at that particular meeting?

BH: We had um four, I’m always here and then three cousins came over.

RS: You are telling me that your entire membership consists of your own relatives?

BH: Well, yes when you put it like that. Hey, I didn’t ask for no adversarial interview. This here is the south and we don’t ambush people in their living rooms bud.

RS: I wasn’t being adversarial. Let’s get back to your meetings.

BH: Well, I lost one member a year ago, one of my nephews started dating some colored drug addict girl he met at his AA meeting or co-dependency or shit I forgets what. I told him he can piss off and showed him the door. (At this point Bob Hoagland spat a mouthful of chewing tobacco towards a large brass spittoon by his chair missing and hitting his carpet instead, he then yelled to his wife) Hey babe why don’t you come out and clean up this mess, get’in to be a pig sty around here cause you won’t never clean, God damn it!

At this point in the interview I felt I had gathered all the information from Mr. Hoagland that I could. I thanked him for his time and showed myself out just in time as a loud family tiff developed between the husband and wife over who would clean up the chewing tobacco that had been spat on the floor. Heading out the door I narrowly missed a lamp intended for Mrs. Hoagland which would have hit me had I not exited mere seconds earlier.

After I decided I wasn’t going to learn anything from Mr. Hoagland, I called the Southern Poverty Law Center and I spoke with Heidi Beirich one of their full time hate investigators. When pressed about Klan activity in Safford Heidi had no comment but offered this information instead.

“Hate groups are far more plentiful and dangerous than most people realize. We at the Southern Poverty Law Center recently compiled a massive and exhaustive list of all active hate groups and what we found was shocking. Did you know that most Evangelical Christian churches preach homophobic intolerance, most oppose gay marriage and even urge abstinence from same sex sexual activity? Conservatively we can estimate that there are several million dangerous and violent homophobic terrorists throughout the US alone.”

It took me a minute to collect my thoughts. Yes, I was aware, I finally replied however, isn’t it one thing to teach intolerance towards homosexuals and quite another to actually advocate harming or discriminating against them in some way. Heidi replied “I am not here to debate you. We know that intolerance, hatred and bigotry always end in violence. It is a well established fact. Every racist, every homophobe is a violent terrorist simply waiting for his or her but usually it’s a his, his opportunity to act.”

I continued with Heidi, “I’ve read in your literature many times that most people who are adamantly opposed to homosexuality are in fact themselves homosexual according to psychologists, however if that is true do you really believe the majority of Evangelical Christians in the United States are in fact self hating homosexuals? That would mean that most Christians throughout history were in fact homosexual since up until relatively recently all Christian churches opposed homosexuality I asked. In fact, up until recently, all religious Jews, Muslims and Buddhists opposed it as well.”

I waited for several seconds for a reply from Beirich but instead I heard the sound of a dial tone. I had been hung up on, I called again five times and asked for Beirich and I was told that she would return my call. The returned call never came. I quickly realized my error, although I felt I had asked an intelligent question, I had in fact allowed my own latent bigotry, that is inherently in all white males to surface. I vowed I would be more careful in the future and that I would check myself. As a product of white male privilege there are some questions I don’t have a right to ask. In fact some questions are dangerous to ask and simply do not further the cause of diversity.

I decided to go back to the small town of Safford and visit the First Evangelical Church of Christ. I called the church secretary on the phone and I was able to speak with Pastor Marcus Williamson. Pastor Williamson told me that while homosexuality is indeed a “grave and serious offense against God” Christians are called to “Love the sinner and hate the sin” I was even told “our church is open to anyone.” This much is clear, the network of violent homophobic Evangelical churches have adopted an effective disinformation campaign to mislead the public and to mask their true agenda of hatred and violence.

What kind of an attack are Americas Christian churches plotting against homosexuals? Will they advocate the building of concentration camps by the government and the mass liquidation of all homosexuals? Or rather, will Homophobic Christians engage in more covert methods carefully attacking homosexuals in what appears to be random and unrelated incidents, but which are in fact part of a master plan? Has this plan already begun? Unfortunately, after two hours of questioning I was not able to gain any insight into Pastor Williamson’s terrorist plans.

Disappointed and dejected I returned home. I decided that I needed to find and interview more racists. I needed to find someone who would talk overtly about his racism but who could form coherent sentences and engage in a dialogue. After spending several hours researching the matter I discovered another facet of the racist movement, scientific racism. In the US, Canada and Europe there are credentialed scientists who propagate their hatred through the misuse of scientific data.

I discovered one individual, a Prof. J. Philippe Rushton who teaches at the University of Western Ontario in Canada. I contacted Prof. Rushton by phone and arranged an interview. Unlike some other racists I had met Prof. Rushton appeared to be an intelligent and well spoken individual.

RS: Thank you again Professor for agreeing to this interview. I don’t want to beat around the bush and I’d like to come straight to the point if I may. Why do you hate black people because of the color of their skin? What is it about skin color that makes you hate non-whites?

JPR: That is a loaded question. You are attributing to me views that I do not hold.

RS: So you are trying to say you don’t hate other races?

JPR: If you would please allow me to speak for a moment perhaps I can explain my views. It is interesting that you began by mentioning skin color. Did you know that skin color is actually the least significant racial difference of all? The most significant racial differences have to do with human intelligence.

RS: IQ tests have been discredited as racist. If whites write the tests wouldn’t you expect whites to score higher?

JPR: I’m glad you raised that objection because there may be some facts relating to IQ scores of which you and your readership are unaware. East Asians score higher than Whites on IQ tests. Ashkenazic Jews score higher on average as well.

RS: Isn’t it true that you believe blacks commit more crime than whites disproportionately? You have made comments that blacks are more aggressive than whites?

JPR: Blacks have higher levels of testosterone than whites. Lower average IQ’s combined with higher levels of natural aggression do seem to lead to blacks committing disproportionately more crime than other groups.

RS: That’s just racist, blatantly racist! You don’t take into account socio-economic status, you don’t take into account pervasive racism in society. You don’t take culture into account at all.

JPR: If I may respond. It is very interesting that you mention culture. East Asians are often said to have cultures which value academics more highly then whites. In Japan students study for long hours at school each day then return home and study for several more hours. East Asian students in the west are often pressured heavily by parents to do well in school. Among many Blacks their cultural attitude towards education seems to be less favorable.

RS: You are just another racist. The difference is you are trying to mask your racism in science. You are saying in effect that some cultures are superior to others? How is that not racism?

JPR: What I am saying is that culture is not something that drops out of the sky. Culture is ultimately an outgrowth of racial genetics. Human intelligence is largely hereditary and behaviour is largely genetically driven.

RS: I can’t listen to anymore of this disgusting hatred. You are a Nazi! This is exactly what Hitler believed! I just can’t listen to anymore! You sir disgust me! You are a disgusting hateful individual, you are a Nazi! A God damned racist, hateful Nazi scientist! You know what?! Fuck you, Fuck you, you racist pig! You are a dangerous man and you belong in jail! These kinds of views led to the deaths of millions of innocent people! These views have no place in a civilized society!

JPR: It seems we cannot have a dialogue because you are more interested in hurling insults and ad hominem attacks than you are in having a discussion, so I will say goodbye now. Those of your readers who are interested in my views on race can read my book, “Race Evolution And Behavior: A Life History Perspective” Goodbye.

At this point Prof. Rushton hung up. I was in shock. How could a grown man, a scientist of all things possibly support such ignorant views? Clearly Prof. Rushton was a fraud. I was forced to conclude that Professor Rushton was merely a Nazi posing as a scientist and using seemingly scientific and academic arguments to spread his brand of hate. I made several calls to The University of Western Ontario in an attempt to get him fired. I soon discovered unfortunately that Rushton is a tenured Professor and that many such efforts had been tried unsuccessfully in the past.

Through my research online I discovered a group of Anti-Racist Canadians calling themselves “Smash Nazis Now” who told me of their plans to stage a public burning of Rushton’s book. Fliers of the event will soon be available online. The event dubbed “Hate Book Burning” will take place next month.

Participants at the “Hate Book Burning” are encouraged to find hateful, racist, sexist and homophobic books to be burned in a public bonfire. For those unable to find a book to bring, copies of Mark Twain’s “Huckleberry Finn” which uses the N word, as well as other racist and sexist so-called “classics” like “The Secret Garden and “Sherlock Holmes” will be available for them to consign to the flames, destroying their hateful words forever. Participants and uniformed members of Smash Nazis Now will march around the flames singing songs of solidarity and holding signs and placards advocating tolerance and opposing racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.

Unfortunately, hatred and intolerance are alive and well as my travels and interviews have shown me. Perhaps the most dangerous racists of all are those who hide their irrational and inexplicable hatred of skin color behind concerns about crime, immigration or belief in alleged racial differences. We must all stand together to oppose racism wherever it exists. We must not allow hateful and racist individuals to express their dangerous views. Let us vow to daily commit ourselves anew to being intolerant of intolerance.

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