Sexual Deviancy Afflicts Majority Of Males Survey Shows

Andrea Dworkin

According to a recent survey 98% of adult heterosexual men in the US admit to being sexually attracted to teenage girls as young as sixteen years old. The survey by the Institute for the Study of Human Sexology was released last week and included more than 100,000 adult heterosexual American males.

Many are alarmed and deeply troubled by the results of this survey. We spoke to Congresswoman Andrea Dworkin of New York who has a bold new proposal to address the problem. “The question is what are we going to do about this, clearly most adult men are pedophiles by their own admission. Men find 16 and 17 year old little girls sexually attractive. They are only children! Our daughters are not safe and we must take immediate action to protect them. That is why I am proposing the mass chemical castration of all males by law. We have the technology to introduce chemicals into the water supply which will render men largely free from sexual urges. If we fail to act decisively now, we will be responsible for the consequences. Men will roam the streets seeking innocent young women to prey upon…” the Congresswoman stated.

Some men have expressed apprehension at the idea of being chemically castrated and question if the proposal may in fact go too far. “I think that we need to put this into perspective.” Edward Thompson Chairman of the Idaho chapter of the National Organization for Men or NOM stated in a recent interview. “It is really one thing to be sexually attracted to young women who are that age and it is quite another to ‘prey upon them.’ Clearly the majority of men are not doing that. Men can’t help finding them attractive, that’s how we are wired genetically. It doesn’t make us criminals or moral reprobates. People used to get married at those ages, in some cultures they still do. When did this start to make men pedophiles? Does Andrea really believe that 17 year olds are children?”

Thompson as it turns out has found an unlikely ally. In a recent speech on capitol hill he referenced “The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders” published by the American Psychiatric Association. The manual, which represents the standard written classification of mental disorders in the US, surprisingly does not actually state that sexual attraction to teenage girls is pedophilia or a disorder. Pedophilia is instead defined as a primary or exclusive sexual interest in prepubescent children. Thompson noted that he is adamantly opposed to pedophilia and supports more severe sentences for adults guilty of pedophilic child sexual abuse. Additionally, he strongly opposes sexual activity outside of marriage, and believes that it represents an “erosion of moral values in society.” Thompson added that in some states the age of legal consent is 16 or 17 at present, a fact that he claims Congresswoman Dworkin seems to be ignorant of.

Environmentalist organizations so far have refused to take a position on the adding of chemicals to the water supply to effect male castration. Our calls to Greenpeace went unreturned. A representative from “Americans for Pure Water” stated that they had no comment. The impact of the proposed added chemicals on plant life as well as women and animals is so far unknown. When pressed about possible environmental concerns, as well as concerns for the safety of the water Dworkin’s supporters dismissed them as a mere smokescreen to avoid addressing the issue of male predatory sexual depravity.

The National Organization for Women is staging a rally in Washington DC to urge the passage of chemical castration legislation. NOW president Terry O’Neill when asked for her comment stated “We know that one in four women are raped by men. We know that most women will be victims of domestic violence by men. We must chemically castrate men! This is the only answer. Women must unite to assert their right to live in a world free from male sexual advances, invitations or attention of any kind.”

The NOW president has also attacked the America Psychiatric Association stating that they are “A bunch of polymorphously perverse old white male pedophiles who want to abuse and degrade young women. If the APA had a woman president I bet they would be singing an entirely different tune about this and a host of other issues.”

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