Anti-Obamaism as America’s New Racism


Since the election of our first black president racial hatred has been rapidly growing throughout America. Heterosexist, patriarchal, speciesist, anti-immigrant and white male organizations and activist groups have sprouted up to attack and revile our president. Experts believe that most people who claim to disagree with the President’s policy positions actually oppose him solely because of the color of his skin. These individuals are merely attempting to use policy differences as a cloak for what is in reality ugly and hateful racism.

Hateful, racist, and extremist names and epithets have been hurled against the President. Conservatives, Libertarians and even the Far Left have uttered words like “unconstitutional”, “dangerous” and even “illegal” with reference to President Obama’s policies.

Some clever racists seek to attack the President by claiming he is merely continuing the policies of his predecessor. They seek to hide their racism by associating Obama with an unpopular white president like Bush. This new racism has even infected America’s far left, proving that racism crosses all political boundaries in America. It can no longer be regarded solely as a phenomenon of the right.

Some on the Far Left have suggested that Obama should distance himself from the policies of his predecessor or even reverse them. They have suggested that Obama should “end America’s one-sided support for the state of Israel.” Other’s claim Obama is “continuing Bush’s wars” or even seeking to expand them into Libya, Syria and Iran. These critics have shown themselves to be both racist and unpatriotic. It is not acceptable to criticize our first black president and his foreign policy, which is designed to provide for our security as well as to continue the spread of democracy abroad.

Although Obama an African America is now President some even urge the “repeal of the Patriot Act” implying that they do not fully trust him or his administration. The pervasiveness of racism in America is so great that even Leftist activists who spent their lives campaigning against racism have been caught up in it. Clearly we must use the power of the federal government to silence the President’s blatantly racist critics as no other means have proven effective.

On the day that Obama was elected in 2008 everything changed. America for the first time in its history crossed the color line in the White House. Barack Obama radically transformed America forever. History will never forget the words of a young American girl’s song “Obama’s gonna change it, Obama’s gonna lead ‘em, he’s gonna change it and rearrange it…” and he did just that! Barack Obama has continued the legacy of the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and he is the culmination of his dream. Barack Obama is not only the President but he is a Light worker, an American Messiah, and a bringer of hope to the entire world.

The Far Left and Far Right criticize our President for sending more troops to Iraq and Afghanistan as part of the “surge” strategy. The strategy which allowed America to win both of those wars, although the war on terrorism continues. As long as even one evil dictator oppresses his people America’s work is not yet done. America’s enlightened superior culture of promiscuous sex, feminism, abortion rights, tolerance of homosexuality, anti-racism and constant acquisition of consumer goods must be spread to the entire world! In the word’s of singer and song writer Randy Newman we shall truly “set everybody free.”

President Obama has created more jobs than at any other time in American history, transforming America’s economy putting millions of unemployed Americans back to work. Under Barack Obama’s administration more people than ever before are receiving needed government aid and welfare benefits.

Millions of America’s poor who cannot afford healthcare will soon be required to purchase it and obtain its great benefits thanks to our first black president. Creating a budget surplus of over 200 Trillion dollars in less than eight years Barack Obama has accomplished acts of singular greatness that must forever be immortalized in the annals of history and will forever echo through time long after all of us alive today are gone.

America must continue on its present course to greatness and transformation. The time has come to recognize that insults, attacks and criticisms of President Obama are simply racist prima facie. They must not be discussed or considered but rather they must be dismissed out of hand as racism. Those who would call our President a tyrant or a dictator, those who would openly revile his policies calling them unconstitutional are engaged in a dangerous form of verbal terrorism against the President. Those who would criticize our president are simply un-American terrorists!

Some would say that to criticize Obama merely amounts to expressing an opinion. They are wrong, it is an assault on our President and an attack on America and American values. Those who say that Patriot Act is constitutional are terrorists. Those who say that Obama has no business sending America troops overseas to die in other countries over weapons those countries do not have, are terrorists who support America’s enemies. They are working to undermine America at a crucial historical juncture and we cannot afford to listen to them.

Responsible and patriotic Americans who condemn racism must implore President Obama to act immediately curtailing the terroristic, un-American, hateful and racist speech of all who dare to speak against him. President Obama must issue an executive order banning all criticism of his foreign and domestic policies, he must arrest and incarcerate news anchors, radio personalities, columnists, writers and even bloggers who propagate racism under the guise of opposing his presidency. The time has come, change is here, now let us finish the job and drive a stake through the evil heart of racism once and for all!

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