Transsexuals March in Washington Demanding An End to Dating Discrimination


Washington DC April, 20 2013

Transsexual Americans, those of us who at birth have the misfortune of being labelled male or female by society but who are actually of a different gender inside claim widespread discrimination in the dating realm. “People just don’t understand that although I’m physically male according to the label imposed upon me, I am actually female inside and I want normal heterosexual men to date me and treat me that way” Samuel Colton, a transsexual rights activist noted.

It has long been argued that transsexuals face perhaps more discrimination than any other group because people often attempt to impose labels of gender upon them which do not correlate with who they are inside. Many people even today simply refuse to accept Transsexual Americans for who they are. Transsexual children often face very difficult childhoods. “I was teased every day at school” Tamara Johnson (who has just legally changed her name from Todd Johnson) explained “I got teased because I liked to wear dresses and make up, you know I’m a girl, but the bigoted and ignorant doctors tried to say that my body anatomically was male from birth. I don’t care what they say anatomically scientifically or medically I am a woman a beautiful and proud woman. Why can’t everyone just accept that so I can move on with my life?”

Activists at the march are gathering signatures for a petition to urge online dating web sites to allow transsexuals to select their true gender when searching for potential dating partners not the gender that society chooses to assign to them. “I believe that bigotry against transsexuals will be America’s next great civil rights struggle, we are normal and just like everybody else, ok” Johnson adds before breaking out into a chant of “Hey Hey, yo yo hating trannsies gots to go!” Activists and supporters hope the march will help to bring a more tolerant and enlightened world where racism, sexism, homophobia, speciesism, ageism and other constructs have no place. Colorful costumes and interesting and unique parade floats featured at the march will make this one an event to remember for a long time.

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