Sexual Reparations Bill Ignites Spirited Debate


Detroit April 20, 2013

Sexual Reparations Bill Ignites Spirited Debate

In a move that is bound to pit women’s rights activists against African American civil rights activists Abdullah Malek Washington a legislator from Detroit serving in the Michigan state assembly for eight years has introduced a shocking bill that if passed would require white women to have sex with black men. Columnists and bloggers are calling this bill the most controversial perhaps in American history.

The bill entitled SR 502 or the so-called “Sexual Reparations Bill” was introduced at a press conference earlier this week. “Under slavery blacks were stripped of their rights, denied their personhood, sexually exploited and abused genocides were perpetuated against my people. My proposal is merely to require that 90% of white women above the age of 18 agree to date at least 12 black men per year and that they provide sexual services to them on first dates and any subsequent dates thereafter. You put us in chains, now we want your women to put out for us. We built this country and it’s the least white people can do. It is 2013 for Christ sake, it is time for white folks to give us something back. Despite having a black man in the White House racism continues to grow by leaps and bounds.” Washington also noted that African American women have a higher rate of STDs then white women and that his proposal should be seen as encouraging safer sex for African American men.

Under the terms of the proposed bill women who are in a steady relationship with a black man who they have regular sex with at least fourteen times a week will be exempt from the law. There is an age cap so that the woman can opt out once they reach 37 years of age and white women married or living with black men will be unaffected by the bill. An earlier draft of the bill which would have required girls to begin offering sexual services to blacks at age 16 was introduced but later withdrawn when it was pointed out that such a provision would be statutory rape and would conflict with existing laws. A second controversial version of the bill would have required that oral and anal sex be unprotected, this portion of the bill was removed during a closed hearing earlier this week after a long series of debates.

Controversially, SR 502 calls for the establishment of armed “put out” police who would be tasked with making sure that white women willingly provide sexual services to their African American suitors. The police are authorized to use force against them if necessary to ensure their compliance with the new law.

The Nation of Islam is speaking out against Legislator Washington’s proposal as their religion forbids interracial sexual relationships or marriages. Minister Louis Farrakhan noted “Yes, we demand reparations for slavery, but we are not prepared to wallow in the dirt with the hateful and entirely foreign to us white woman. I can see why white women might welcome such a proposal given the utterly sissified and most excessively girly state of white men but it meets only opposition from me. I like my coffee black the same way I like my women. I don’t need some stringy haired tiny derriered woman.”

The National Organization for Women declined to comment on the bill as did the Lesbian Alliance of Women Voters. The Michigan Democratic Party of which Washington is a member has distanced itself cautiously from the bill which continues to remain controversial. The Michigan state Republican Party declined to comment on the bill but an anonymous party official stated “We don’t want to appear potentially racist by saying anything against the bill at this time we have learned to tread very cautiously on sensitive issues such as this, it is doubtful the party will take a position against the bill as we hope to gain more African American and Hispanic members this year. We are an inclusive party that values diversity and we do not want to alienate anyone.”

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