San Francisco Announces City-Wide Disarmament


San Francisco April, 20 2013

San Francisco Chief of Police Raymond H. Cahill today announced a plan to disarm all police officers within the City of San Francisco. The disarmament will include not only all firearms but clubs, mace and defensive weapons of all kinds. At a speech earlier today Cahill said “The time has come to recognize that violence does not solve but only encourages violence. After the recent school shooting tragedies we need to recognize that guns are intrinsically evil and have no place in our civilized, diverse and vibrant city.” Cahill went on to conclude “Until police officers are willing to talk to muggers, rapists, murderers and other deranged criminals about their feelings, families, childhoods and their personal lives and goals crime will only increase. Responding to crime with violence only sends the message that violence is ok or that it has some place in our society, it does not.”

Human rights activists welcomed the proposed ban on guns and other weapons by the Police Chief hailing the proposal as ground breaking and progressive. Dr. Norman Frederickson of the Campaign for Equality, Justice and Peace remarked “This bold new proposal marks a clear break from the violent and reactionary methods that law enforcement has used in the past. Naturally if the police are armed and use violence even defensively criminals would feel justified in doing so as well. What do we tell our children if they get into a fight at school, we tell them to talk about it and use their words, it’s about time we told police officers the same.”

The proposed disarmament of the city has not been welcomed by everyone. Radical gun rights activists joined by far right organizations with ties to dangerous extremist groups are staging a protest against the proposed ban. Some on the far-right claim that disarming the police may actually increase crime. Those in favour of the disarmament note that the police will still be wearing police uniforms which will convey authority and police are authorized to speak sternly and even to raise their voices should violent criminals appear uncooperative after repeated polite entreaties.

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