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By Ray Charlston Racists around the world have discovered a new way of promoting hatred. Following the recommendations of Edward Thompson, an online blogger, racists have begun re-naming their wireless networks “Race Realist” or “Race Realism” in an attempt to intimidate minorities and spread their intolerant views. Authorities are currently investigating whether this action constitutes […]

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By Werombi Towradji Today Justin Bieber issued a press release. After repeated episodes of disorderly conduct, drunk driving, and other incidents, Bieber has confirmed reports that he is in fact Gender-Flexible. He stated that he is done living in fear of persecution, he is proud to be Gender-Flexible and that he hopes his coming out […]

By Ivan Fernando At a press conference in New York City earlier today, Abe Foxman, head of the Anti-Defamation League, gave a speech announcing the development of a new term, “Judeophobia”, intended to replace “Anti-Semitism,” the term until recently employed to describe hatred of Jews. As the conference began, Mr. Foxman noted “It is unacceptable […]

By Ivan Fernando A new English language translation of the bible known as “The Progressive Word Bible” was recently completed by the National Council For Progressive Spirituality, representing groups as diverse as Christians, Jews, Hindus, Wiccans, Native-Americans, and Secular Humanists. The new bible contains many exciting and ground-breaking features. Instead of God being referred to […]

By Werombi Towradji Male Chauvinists and anti-feminist activists have now taken the war on women to the next level, unleashing an indescribable reign of terror. Government offices, restaurants, libraries, public schools, parks and stores across the country report that males are entering restrooms and leaving the toilet seats up. Women’s rights activists believe that this […]


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